15 great photos of dogs dressed as lawyers

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By Katie King on

Dog lawyers is even more of a thing than cat lawyers


After posting a countdown of our favourite lawyer cats last week, we thought it was only fair to share with you our 15 favourite lawyer dogs.

Here’s our definitive run down.

1. Woof

A photo posted by Azu (@karazu92) on

2. Advice you can trust

A photo posted by Tatiana isla (@tatiana_isla) on

3. Up all night studying

#nypådetta #fattarlitenu #lawyerdog

A photo posted by Emilia Gripwall (@hyllsan) on

4. Don’t know how the vest would go down at the magic circle

Being a #lawyerdog is tough work, but someone's got to bring home the paycheck. #bensonandthecity

A photo posted by Bethany (@bethanydearest) on

5. Help me I’m a dog

6. So what do you think about the proposed merger?

A photo posted by John (@johnboy1222) on

7. What does it all mean?!

A photo posted by Peter Pan ? (@stinky_peter) on

8. Hi guys

9. I <3 justice

10. Criminal law would send anyone to sleep

A photo posted by Nefertiti (@neffy_thebeagless) on

11. Ready for court

12. Wannabe barrister

A photo posted by Claire & Caleb (@campandyc) on

13. Ready to write some briefs

14. I don’t understand family law

15. All good things come in threes