15 great photos of dogs dressed as lawyers

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Dog lawyers is even more of a thing than cat lawyers


After posting a countdown of our favourite lawyer cats last week, we thought it was only fair to share with you our 15 favourite lawyer dogs.

Here’s our definitive run down.

1. Woof

A photo posted by Azu (@karazu92) on

2. Advice you can trust

A photo posted by Tatiana isla (@tatiana_isla) on

3. Up all night studying

#nypådetta #fattarlitenu #lawyerdog

A photo posted by Emilia Gripwall (@hyllsan) on

4. Don’t know how the vest would go down at the magic circle

Being a #lawyerdog is tough work, but someone's got to bring home the paycheck. #bensonandthecity

A photo posted by Bethany (@bethanydearest) on

5. Help me I’m a dog

6. So what do you think about the proposed merger?

A photo posted by John (@johnboy1222) on

7. What does it all mean?!

A photo posted by Peter Pan 🐶 (@stinky_peter) on

8. Hi guys

9. I <3 justice

10. Criminal law would send anyone to sleep

A photo posted by Nefertiti (@neffy_thebeagless) on

11. Ready for court

12. Wannabe barrister

A photo posted by Claire & Caleb (@campandyc) on

13. Ready to write some briefs

14. I don’t understand family law

15. All good things come in threes



We asked for it, we got it.

Brilliant journalism, Katie. Much better than the cat one.




I think I love this too much.






#11 looks like the Not Amused of the doggy legal world.



Do not insult that dog!



Mutt Amused?


Dat dere equity partnah

Quality journalism Katie, this will help you miles in your quest for the coveted TC. Well done!



Ruff Justice!

Nailed it.


Bun's Wife

Yay! Dogs!


Scouser of Counsel




Enriching information! Contributed to my legal awareness!


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