The very best legal problems from the wonderful world of Reddit

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By Katie King on

Someone wanted to know if he could draw a penis on his dustbin


In wake of the news that one sorry soul was actually considering legal action against a vet he had stolen dodgy ketamine from, Legal Cheek thought trawling through Reddit’s LegalAdviceUK page would be a fruitful exercise.

And it was.

We count down our favourite legal questions, problems and conundrums that Reddit users have actually, genuinely asked this year.

Can my manager force me to clean the fart room?

Maybe Febreze is the answer


I have essentially inherited a small cannabis farm

As you do


Can I draw a penis on my own dustbin?

The fundamental life questions


Question about dog-human stimulation

No words


People urinating opposite my house all day and night

Can I set up a camera?


I have fallen in love with an employee, and I may get fired

Never mix business with pleasure


Somebody broke into my room at a house party a did a shit on my floor and things. What can I do?

This is 100% serious