The very best legal problems from the wonderful world of Reddit

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Someone wanted to know if he could draw a penis on his dustbin


In wake of the news that one sorry soul was actually considering legal action against a vet he had stolen dodgy ketamine from, Legal Cheek thought trawling through Reddit’s LegalAdviceUK page would be a fruitful exercise.

And it was.

We count down our favourite legal questions, problems and conundrums that Reddit users have actually, genuinely asked this year.

Can my manager force me to clean the fart room?

Maybe Febreze is the answer


I have essentially inherited a small cannabis farm

As you do


Can I draw a penis on my own dustbin?

The fundamental life questions


Question about dog-human stimulation

No words


People urinating opposite my house all day and night

Can I set up a camera?


I have fallen in love with an employee, and I may get fired

Never mix business with pleasure


Somebody broke into my room at a house party a did a shit on my floor and things. What can I do?

This is 100% serious




God bless you KK. This was much needs.


the disgruntled

What the fuck? Just the questions?

I was actually hopeful this would be interesting, as I assumed someone would’ve attempted to answer them in the article..



If you click the links, people answer them on Reddit.



You are really lazy. Maybe click the link and see the reddit threads for yourself?




Who gives the advice on this stuff too? I can just see a few people with 2.2’s who graduated 10 years ago “err,,, actually,,,, I think you’ll find that according to the…”



“Here’s some funny posts I found on reddit”

Well done Katie! A++++



As a former Senior Reddit Moderator who held her venerated position until the ‘Great Purge’ of 2015, you can find more at:

There was another excellent one where a 16 year old found a rucksack with £3000 in notes and mysterious looking pills in a park in West London. He wondered if he could keep the money, and whether Argos would accept crisp £50 notes when he purchased a X-Box. (It’s since been deleted).

Another memorable post involved a 13 year old boy downloading images of child porn onto his home computer. Computer was seized by the police, his father blamed and subsequently imprisoned. 5 years later, the boy suddenly feels guilty and wants to know how to prove his father’s innocence. (Also deleted)

I also like this one:

Ah, those halcyon days of youth! Where one could climb the hierarchy of internet forums without worrying about internships!



“if he formed that intent after entering, this is not burglary.” Someone failed their criminal module..



But that’s right…. The crim damage form of burglary requires intent prior to entering; only gbh/theft type burglary can be committed after entering.

It’s a moot point, but doesn’t mean that the person who wrote it flunked crim.



Yeah but the previous commenter just said it was burglary not the crim damage form.



I was wondering if somebody could help me with a serious legal problem.

My neighbour has a dog which would always stray into my garden and do its business on my lawn. Very annoying. My first step was to make sure the fence was secure. I found a hole in it near some bushes far down at the bottom of my garden so I filled that in. It seemed to work for a while but after about a month, I saw the dog in my garden again, just pooing in the same place as it always has. I spend a lot of money on my lawn (fertilisers, weed killers etc.) so I was quite frustrated.

I found the hole and it looked like it had been made by a person. There was no way a dog had done it (the hole was a dog sized gap which looked like it had been cut with a saw). I don’t get on with my neighbour at all, he’s very intimidating and in the past has threatened me (I’m 43/m, he’s about 70ish). Instead of mending the hole, I decided to set a trap. I dug a little hole in the ground and put a wire trap in it which would snare the dog’s foot when it walked in.

I then went on holiday to Spain but didn’t tell anyone about the trap. I felt quite bad about it when I was there so was in quite a rush to get back from the airport. I went down to the bottom of my garden and looked in the bushes. I was quite shocked to see that I hadn’t trapped the dog, but my neighbour instead. Looking at the state of him I think he’d been lying there for quite a while. He doesn’t have any family and as far as I can tell, nobody’s been around to see him in the time since I got back from holiday (a week). What should I do? Tell the police? I’ve got rid of the trap and cleaned up at the bottom of my garden. It’s a pretty unlikely story so do you think anyone will find me out?



Great. Now do one on 4chan



Oh dear.

Unfortunately we had quite a few interlopers from 4 chan (I banned them all, of course). A strange bunch of fellows indeed.

I have quite a few interesting examples, but they all involve an excess of bodily fluids and male genitals.

I’m not sure the sensitive intellectuals here would appreciate such humour.



Slow news Friday….


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