For heaven’s sake! Man applies for restraining order against God

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By Thomas Connelly on

Official court documents noted that the Almighty failed to attend the hearing


An Israeli man who believes God has been particularly unkind to him recently has taken the drastic action of applying for a restraining order at his local court.

Sick of the Almighty interfering in his life, David Shoshan — a resident of Haifa in northern Israel — told the city’s Magistrate’s Court:

For the past three years he [God] started to treat me harshly and not nicely.

According to local news website NRG, Shoshan failed to divulge specifics regarding the divine mischief, but did reveal that he has approached the police on several occasions in the hope that they could help out.

Despite officers attending Shoshan’s house on no less than 10 occasions, his repeated requests for a restraining order failed and God’s (alleged) torment continued.

Judge Ahsan Canaan — who was forced to listen to Shoshan’s request — branded the application “ludicrous”. According to the report, the judge appeared to question Shoshan’s state of mind, telling him that he should seek help, but not from the courts. In an amusing side-note to this bizarre story it was noted in court documentation that God failed to attend the hearing.

This isn’t the first time that a disgruntled member of the public has attempted to haul God before the courts.

In 2005 a Romanian prisoner serving a 20 year stretch for murder tried to sue the Romanian Orthodox Church claiming that they were God’s representatives in Romania. Pavel Mircea argued that God had failed to keep the Devil away from him, and somewhat ingeniously suggested that his baptism was a binding contract between him and the man up high. As result, he argued, there had been a breach.

Like Shoshan, Mircea was unsuccessful and God’s record in the courts remains untarnished for now.