9 EU law memes to distract you from the shocks of the referendum

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By Katie King on

Remembering unpronounceable case names? Those were the days


Today, the UK voted to leave the European Union.

It was a sad day for law students across the country, who have generally taken a pro-Bremain stance throughout the fierce political campaign.

But don’t go crying into your Craig and de BĂșrca textbooks just yet. A countdown of our top 9 favourite EU law memes might just lift your spirits.

1. EU law case names, my favourite

EU law ?

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2. ):


3. The referendum results come in and…

Lawkward #eu

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4. Hipster EU lawyer


5. Sneaky

Internationale Handelsgesellschaft what????

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6. At least we didn’t vote to leave the EU! Oh wait…


7. It’s coming


8. Costa v ENEL, we’ll never forget you

EU law is taking over my life ?

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9. My favourite