9 EU law memes to distract you from the shocks of the referendum

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Remembering unpronounceable case names? Those were the days


Today, the UK voted to leave the European Union.

It was a sad day for law students across the country, who have generally taken a pro-Bremain stance throughout the fierce political campaign.

But don’t go crying into your Craig and de Búrca textbooks just yet. A countdown of our top 9 favourite EU law memes might just lift your spirits.

1. EU law case names, my favourite

EU law 🔫

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2. ):


3. The referendum results come in and…

Lawkward #eu

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4. Hipster EU lawyer


5. Sneaky

Internationale Handelsgesellschaft what????

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6. At least we didn’t vote to leave the EU! Oh wait…


7. It’s coming


8. Costa v ENEL, we’ll never forget you

EU law is taking over my life 😷

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9. My favourite




Cry more, cucks.



Heh, the irony.

I sincerely hope you’re the first to be laid off once your employer announces Brexit-related redundancies, you obtuse, jingoistic piece of dumb shit.



The anger and hate from Remainers is revealing – it’s the first time they haven’t had their way. The current system works for you. This may be a case of the poor inflicting self-harm in order to inflict a little bit of harm on the metropolitan elite.



It’s a good thing that the Brexiters are such beacons of calm and maturity. I need only refer you to “Cry more, cucks”, not two comments above yours.



This might be the most retarded thing I’ve read all day long. You do realise that this self-harm you speak about will be several magnitudes worse for the poor right? I wonder who’ll they decide to blame then.



The irony of someone supporting a movement that will result in the UK being forced to undertake more onerous regulations with absolutely no say in their formation calling other people “cucks” is astounding.



https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215 overturn the undemocratic referendum that was based on propaganda and poorly educated emotion


Pro Bremainer

What a load of tosh!

I didn’t like the result, but I think it’s a bloody cheek for sore losers to demand a second referendum.

The terms were clear, and the turnout was higher than at a general election.

It’s like losing a football match and then demanding a replay with the rules changed in your favour.



I should think that a vote wherein people actually have some idea of what they’re voting for would be in everyone’s interests.


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