Donald Trump’s lawyer thinks God has chosen his client as the next president because he saw a cloud that looks a bit like him

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Donald Trump’s outspoken lawyer Michael Cohen made a weird tweet this weekend.

In it, the American University graduate said “the Lord has chosen” Trump as the next president of the United States.

His evidence? He saw a cloud that looks a bit like him.

Might as well call off the election then.

The bizarre tweet comes just a few weeks after a CNN interview with Cohen went viral for all the wrong reasons (i.e. because it was really awkward).

As far as funny, political videos go, we still don’t think Cohen’s efforts quite beat new Justice Secretary Liz Truss’s rant about cheese. Nice try though Cohen.

Sticking with all things Trump, it emerged last month that his wife, Melania, has instructed West End media outfit Harbottle & Lewis in legal proceedings against the Daily Mail newspaper.

In an article published in July, the newspaper not only questioned Mrs Trump’s immigration status, but reported on rumours that she worked as an escort in the 1990s.

Despite a swift retraction by the Daily Mail, Trump appears to have pushed on with legal proceedings, reportedly filling a $150 million (£112 million) lawsuit with a US court late last week.

There’s never a dull moment in the world of Trump.



That doesn’t look like him. The hair isn’t nearly wispy enough.



The long fight back begins under Trump.



The fightback of the pedophiles, KKK, and religious nutters? I’m so excited. They’re all going to be crying so hard on November 9th.



Where is NiteOwl when you need him? He must have some well thought through opinions on Trump: “better than that limey prick Alan Sugar”, “at least Trump’s wig resembles human hair, unlike you barrister wankers” etc etc.



Alex has decided to retire his Niteowl alter ego, apparently, as he hasn’t popped up here for some time.



From a country where 37% of grown adults still believe in Santa Clause…


Wee Willie Winkie

Do you have a source for your statistic?




Damn this autocorrect!



Worry not, I also believe in Santa Clause, the film starring Tim Allen.

I’m sure I saw it once. Didn’t I ? I swear I did….

The various sequels are a myth though – propounded and endorsed by the Bilderbergers…


Dave from Oz

Is God a US citizen? Then why isn’t anyone outraged at yet more external meddling in the US elections? For that matter, why is he constantly meddling in sporting competitions, talent shows, and Hollywood and country music award deliberations? These things are supposed to be conducted fairly!


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