13 things you’ll only understand if you study A-level law

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By Legal Cheek on

Can I sue my teacher for the emotional distress caused by having to learn all these cases?


1. So. Many. Cases


How is it possible to learn so many case names and legal principles? There are so many post-it notes on your bedroom walls you even had to stick some up in the living room, kitchen and bathroom as well. You’ve bought out the WHSmith highlighters section and now your revision notes are just one big rainbow.

2. Just when you thought you’d tackled the cases, then there are the essays…


Law A-level essay questions are the stuff of nightmares.

3. You still don’t really understand the difference between s18 and s20


You know they’re both types of GBH and that one’s not quite as bad as the other, but that’s pretty much all you know.

4. Law school trips are the best


Catching the bus down to the local magistrates’ court is the highlight of the year. Lucky Londoners might even get the chance to visit the Old Bailey and the Houses of Parliament.

5. Listening to the word ‘assault’ in normal conversation is really annoying once you’ve studied it at school


How can it be an assault if there was physical contact? That’s a battery!

6. Your hand is always sore from all the writing


Can I sue for repetitive strain injury?

7. You are counting down the days until your 18th birthday so you can apply to be a magistrate


It sounds really fun and you don’t have to be a qualified lawyer to do it.

8. Some legal terms still really confuse you


Devolution? Delegated legislation? Sovereignty?

9. Your favourite case is Dudley and Stephens


Closely followed by Donoghue v Stevenson. You like R v Collins too, but watching your teacher try to explain it to the class was pretty awkward.

10. You’re sick of being asked whether you want to be a solicitor or a barrister


You don’t 100% know the difference and you have no idea which one you’d rather be. Other questions you’re tired of being asked are “would you defend a murderer?” and “can I have some legal advice?”

11. Dropping Latin into everyday conversation is your new favourite hobby


Your favourite is mens rea.

12. Your teacher loves talking about the fact he’s an ex-lawyer


Though he has some cool stories, you don’t really understand why anyone would train up to be a lawyer and then become an A-level teacher instead.

13. You really, really, really want to try on a wig


Birthday list sorted.