Top Brexit thought leader changes stance on Article 50

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Admits his assumption government would act rationally was “incorrect”


A top media lawyer and leading legal voice in the months post-EU referendum has shifted his stance on whether Article 50 will be triggered.

In a series of tweets posted to his timeline yesterday, solicitor David Allen Green told his 84,000+ followers that his view on the legal mechanism for leaving the EU and whether it will ever be activated has “shifted”.

Green — who has recently been commissioned by Oxford University Press to write a book on Brexit — believed Article 50 was very unlikely to be triggered, a view he was vocal about on social media.

This stance was shared by the likes of head of Durham Law School Thom Brooks and, interestingly, Legal Cheek readers. In response to comments made by Brooks in August suggesting Article 50 would never be invoked, we ran a Twitter poll to find out whether our readers agreed with him — and they did.


Now Green, one of the most vocal proponents of this viewpoint, has clarified his position in a series of nine tweets.

It will be interesting to see whether Green’s revelation will prompt any other Article 50 sceptics to change their viewpoint.