Wannabe lawyer turns law school rejection letters into modern art

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By Thomas Connelly on

“In light of this decision…”


An aspiring lawyer has taken the somewhat unusual step of turning his law school rejection letters into a weird piece of modern art.

Appearing on image sharing site Imgur earlier this month, user “aleagrh” has produced what at first glance looks like the world’s worst ransom note by cutting out key sections from various law school rejection letters and sticking them around a turquoise coloured square.


All the classic knock-back phrases feature, including “In light of this decision”, “I am sorry”, and rather brutally, “we failed to identify your potential”. One snippet even reveals the law school hopeful turned budding artist — who Legal Cheek believes is from the United States — is called “Mr Aguirre”.

Commenting on Aguirre’s handy work, one Imgur user said:

Well I see what your problem is… you can’t construct a coherent sentence, even with other people’s help.

We hope Aguirre has had more luck with law school since posting his masterpiece, as Legal Cheek fears he has absolutely no chance of career as an artist.