We asked our readers who they think will win the Brexit legal challenge, the answer was a 50/50 split

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By Katie King on

Uncertain times = inconclusive Twitter poll results


Legal Cheek readers have shared their opinions on which side will be victorious in the Article 50 judicial review challenge.

After two-and-a-half days of lawyers vs government courtroom drama, the Miller case drew to a close this week. Now it’s time for the star-studded judicial bench — the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Terence Etherton and Lord Justice Sales — to have a good hard think and make its ruling.

While legal affairs junkies around the world wait for the highly-anticipated judgment, we asked our Twitter followers who they think will win the momentous High Court case. The result was far from definitive.

In an uncanny near re-run of the Brexit referendum itself, of the 313 tweeters who voted, half backed Gina Miller and co, the other half predicted it’d be a victory for the government.

The court has said it’ll make its decision ASAP, so fingers crossed we don’t have long to wait until the true result is announced. If our poll is anything to go by, it could go either way.