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Law students seminar bingo card goes viral

'Habeas Corpus' ✅

Dec 2 2021 10:13am

What is Queen’s consent and why it matters

First-year law student Michal Smigla explores the obscure feature of our constitution and explains why it should be abolished

Feb 15 2021 10:30am

Legal experts highlight need for reform as Queen’s ‘anti-democratic’ vetting powers come to light

Over 1,000 laws needed Her Majesty's consent as result of archaic constitutional rule

Feb 12 2021 10:55am

Pop star Halsey reveals she’s studying law

Singer plans to sit California bar exam

Jun 1 2020 11:44am

Liz Truss may not get as much stick if she were a man, suggests QC

Constitutional law debate also includes discussion about Supreme Court justice’s bathing suit...

May 31 2017 1:53pm

Top lawyers clash over whether we should have a written constitution

Is now the UK’s ‘constitutional moment’?

May 5 2017 11:17am

Soon-to-be Aberdeen LLM student writes to the Prime Minister to tell her why Article 50 notification is illegal

He thinks Brexit should be ‘terminated’, at least until the UK and EU courts consider his letter

Apr 20 2017 12:14pm

The Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling is not the victory Gina Miller thinks it is

It just shows the constitution needs an overhaul, badly

Feb 7 2017 1:46pm

Brexit: High Court REFUSES to hear single market challenge

Article 127 is not the new Article 50 after all

Feb 3 2017 4:31pm

Brexit’s Great Repeal Bill is a never-attempted ‘massive problem’: is Oxbridge prof stating the obvious to Lords’ committee?

There was also a lot of talk about Henry VIII clauses and Acquis Communautaire

Feb 3 2017 10:37am

We spoke to Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about Brexit

She chairs the House of Lords’ EU Justice committee, and she thinks we’re living through “an ugly period”

Feb 2 2017 10:11am

Happy birthday to the Legal Cheek Journal!

As it celebrates turning one, we count down the ten best contributions to our legal affairs hub

Jan 31 2017 10:32am

Gina Miller warned she’ll be the ‘next Jo Cox’ as she admits she doesn’t use public transport and has panic buttons in her home

Reveals concerns about safety in same week parliament will debate Article 50 bill

Jan 30 2017 12:44pm

The story of the Brexit legal challenge, by somebody who went to every hearing

Gina Miller's case was the biggest in recent history. I was one of the few journalists there from beginning to end

Jan 26 2017 9:11am

Are we about to see the end of the magistrates’ court?

New reform plans may plunge the magistracy into an existential crisis

Jan 5 2017 10:51am

Article 50 challenge: An autopsy of the Supreme Court livestream

What did we learn, who stole the show, and who is going to win

Dec 13 2016 11:02am