From Brexit bunkers to tactical ‘Trump teams’ — what kind of lawyers will firms need?

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The President elect is likely to keep lawyers busy


As news of Brexit broke earlier this summer, corporate law firms across the City battened down the hatches and formed what the legal press dubbed “Brexit bunkers”.

Inside these bunkers (which sadly, for many, turned out to be just spare conference rooms) were some of the country’s top legal minds, busily reassuring clients — on dedicated Brexit hotlines — that everything would be ok.

But now Donald Trump is in power, could international firms be setting up, dare we say it, ‘Trump teams’? And more importantly, what kinds of lawyers will they consist of? Examining some of The Donald’s more bold proposals, Legal Cheek has come up with a few recommendations:

1. The Wall


DT wants to build a wall along the US’s southern border so construction law experts will be getting into gear.

2. And make Mexico pay for it


Er… over to you finance lawyers.

3. Equality laws


The Donald has a history in this area. Human rights lawyers, assemble!

4. Legalise cannabis


Trump said he will allow states to decide. With a whole new (potentially very lucrative) industry on the horizon, swathes of different commercial specialists and regulatory experts may be required.

5. Space


DT says no more government money on space exploration, let the private sector take over. Does anyone know a good space lawyer?

6. Closing mosques


The President elect said he was open to the idea of closing mosques because “bad things” were happening inside some of them. Looks like we might need a few more human rights lawyers.

7. Environmental Protection Agency


“Get rid of it in almost every form” Trump said. Does that mean we will or won’t need environmental law specialists?

8. Target and kill the relatives of terrorists


This is going to be boom time for human rights lawyers!

9. Trade deals


Trump wants to renegotiate trade deals with the whole world. International trade lawyers will be in high demand.

10. Tax dodgers


Despite his own alleged tax issues, Trump is likely to take a hard line against evaders and avoiders. So firms better start strengthening their tax teams sharpish.