Legal Cheek talks… the tabloids reaction to the Brexit legal challenge judgment

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Indefensible reporting or savvy journalism?

The Brexit High Court challenge judgment landed yesterday morning, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the tabloid press.

Today, newspaper front pages were strewn with pictures of the three judges involved — the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Justice Sales and Sir Terence Etherton — alongside headlines reading “enemies of the people”, among other things.

Barristers and solicitors alike have been quick to jump to the judiciary’s defence, but are these headlines truly bad spirited? Is this just a simple case of journalists doing their job and doing it properly? Katie King and Tom Connelly debate.



I don’t really know why you do these?



I presume because it brings sunshine and happiness into our otherwise grey lives


Bloody remainer

They are paid


Lord Sumption (for the win)

I like your name, but I feel if they are paid you should have said that as a Bloody Remainer you think they are on a Bloody Retainer! I am aiming for top Friday banter



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Why do you do what you do?


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