#Freelegaltips: Lawyers take to Twitter to share hilarious stories of client stupidity

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By Thomas Connelly on

Don’t thrust your genitalia through a stranger’s letterbox


Lawyers have taken to Twitter in their droves to share side-splitting anecdotes involving the mindless antics of some of their clients.

Utilising the hashtag #freelegaltips, solicitors and barristers have disclosed some of the more interesting experiences only a career in law can bring.

While Legal Cheek cannot vouch for the accuracy of these stories, we think you’ll agree they are all hilarious. Without further ado, here are some of our favourites:

Sometimes honesty isn’t always the best policy.

Relationships can be tricky things.

Who said anything about a stabbing?

Dad, you’re alive!

Shall I compare thee to a sausage roll?

Probably best to keep the sexual fantasies to yourself.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Don’t try and sell drugs to your Attorney General (NB: John McKendrick QC is actually the AG of Anguilla)

I think this is what they now call ‘doing a Huhne’.

Probably best to get your story straight before you’re in the dock.

There is no helping some people.

Nice fancy dress costume! Would you like to buy some speakers?

Do you have an amusing legal story you would like to share? Be sure to post it in the comments section below.