Justice Secretary figure of ridicule once more as she tells MPs barking dogs help deter drones from prisons

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By Katie King on

“Another Liz Truss classic”


People are poking fun at the Lord Chancellor on social media today, after she made a comment before MPs that’s been described as “another Liz Truss classic”.

Justice Secretary Truss has experienced a raft of criticism during her short chancellorship. When she was appointed to Theresa May’s cabinet back in the summer, some questioned whether the 41-year-old — who has no legal experience — would be able to stand up for the judiciary and the rule of the law without fear of damaging her career.

More recently, the MP for South West Norfolk has been slammed for not adequately defending the Lord Chief Justice and colleagues from a tirade of media attacks after their Brexit High Court judgment.

Though there is genuine concern about Truss’ capabilities as Lord Chancellor, there is one thing that she is associated with more than anything else: that video of her talking about cheese.

And, fingers crossed, today Truss may have unwittingly just starred in her latest viral video clip.

Speaking in the House of Commons about prison corruption, the Justice Secretary uttered this absolute corker:

I was at HMP Pentonville last week. They’ve now got patrol dogs who are barking, which helps deter drones. So we’re using all kinds of solutions to deal with contraband coming into our prisons.

It didn’t take long before Twitter latched on to the video, and reacted in a very face palm-esque way.

The MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, Matthew Pennycook, described Truss as “the gift that keeps on giving”, while PoliticsHome used the quote as inspiration for a rather fetching dog-themed photo.

Others couldn’t believe the words came out of her mouth, while another tweeter hit in the nail on the head when he said:

Can honestly never decide if I just want to kick Liz Truss or just pet her/tell her everything will be okay/feeding her Iced Gems

Oh dear…