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‘I’m the person behind the Liz Truss and David Lidington parody accounts’

The mystery tweeter has a legal and political background

Jul 20 2017 9:59am

An open letter to the new Lord Chancellor from Joshua Rozenberg

David Lidington can learn from Liz Truss’ mistakes

Jun 19 2017 10:42am

There are rumours that Education Secretary Justine Greening will be our next Lord Chancellor

A straight swap with Liz Truss? Joshua Rozenberg and LBC’s Iain Dale speculate

Jun 7 2017 10:24am

Liz Truss will not make a year as Lord Chancellor, Joshua Rozenberg predicts

She’s unlikely to survive post-election reshuffle

Apr 24 2017 11:50am

Better late than never: Liz Truss finally made honorary bencher of Lincoln’s Inn

Apparently one Court of Appeal judge refused to stand up

Apr 4 2017 1:04pm

Soon-to-retire Lord Chief Justice absolutely slammed Liz Truss in parliament this morning

Lawyers question whether his outburst was unprecedented

Mar 22 2017 12:52pm

We asked the chairman of the Justice Committee what he thinks about Liz Truss

Bob Neill MP also discusses challenges facing legal profession and shares views on Brexit

Mar 21 2017 10:01am

‘There is no incentive for junior lawyers to qualify into criminal law’, says Junior Lawyers Division

And there will be even less incentive after MoJ pay reforms

Mar 13 2017 2:23pm

Top lawyer slammed for ‘open the Moet’ tweet as government boosts injury compensation cash

Liz Truss altered the way payouts are calculated leaving insurers seething

Mar 2 2017 10:16am

Liz Truss to appeal judicial pensions discrimination ruling

Just a week after she handed High Court and Court of Appeal judges an 11% pay increase

Feb 28 2017 4:02pm

Lawyers slam Liz Truss for calling Lord Neuberger ‘David’ in ‘car-crash’ TV interview

One barrister said she shouldn’t be let out without a 'carer'

Feb 20 2017 12:44pm

Barristers struggle to suppress anger at Liz Truss’s silk day speech

Exclusive: Lord Chancellor’s speech was badly judged and has not gone down well with new QCs

Feb 16 2017 12:00pm

Bar Council backs Liz Truss on Brexit

It’s been a good week for the Ministry of Justice ?

Jan 20 2017 1:00pm

The Secret Diary of Liz Truss (aged 38¾)

A sneak peak into the working week of our embattled Lady Justice

Dec 2 2016 10:02am