Top London silk in Twitter profile picture boxer shorts blunder

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Nice briefs


A well-respected QC appears to have committed a major social media no-no, punting for a profile picture of himself wearing nothing but his pants.

Criminal defence specialist Stephen Kamlish QC is, according to the Legal 500, “a standout silk.” And judging by what appears to be his personal Twitter account — which was recently deleted — it’s clear to see why.

Set up in December 2011, the account @skamlish — which bares the name “Stephen Kamlish” — has a rather distinct profile picture.


Unsuspecting visitors to the page are greeted by Kamlish — who was called to the bar in 1979 and is now at London’s Garden Court Chambers — wearing a pair of boxer shorts and holding a frying pan. A far cry from his professional chambers headshot, the top silk also looks a little worse for wear, with his wrist strapped up and a cast on his leg.

Despite having just 12 followers and four tweets to its name, all of which were made years ago, the account’s rather risqué profile pic has recently resurfaced. Twitterati tongues have been set wagging.

Hours after Legal Cheek brought the account to Garden Court Chambers’ attention, it mysteriously disappeared. Both the chambers and Kamlish have declined to comment.


Lord Hardley

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



People talk as if they are sure that the best go forward as solicitors and barristers.

Things like this suggest that the profession is not so marvellous at separating the wheat from the chaff.



You genuinely have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You’re not seriously suggesting that, just because this particular member of the Bar has a sense of humour, he’s not one of ‘the best’?



To be fair he is a criminal barrister and a former member of Tooks hence the picture and the tattoo. More esteemed members of the bar in the commercial and chancery sets would not do this from my experience.



Tyrion, do you often examine undressed barristers for tattoos?



Tooks is key here



No, there are many, many more reasons. That’s why I said ”[t]hings like this.’

Is it a mark of ‘the best’ in the profession to stuff words into people’s mouths?



Honestly. why would anyone care? A lawyer in his boxers. “So wot”.

Does this have any effect on his ability to practise? No. Will it have any effect on his perception by the general public? Perhaps. But who cares if it does?


Scouser of Counsel

It was probably an accidentally uploaded picture.

In any event, it’s not obscene- he was obviously injured, and it was probably intended for a well-wishing private recipient (eg a friend) to show that he was on the mend.

Fuss about nothing.


Not Amused

Who knew it would be the Criminal Bar.

I for one am most surprised …



You’re really willing to embarrass this guy for a couple of clicks? The fact that you are hiding behind a pseudonym is even more pathetic..


Mr Tarquinius

I agree!

Come on one of you, reveal which of you wrote the article. I dare you!



Oh c’mon, everyone knows ‘Legal Cheeker’ is Tommy’s homoerotic alter-ego. Rumours have it he’s on Grindr using the very same nickname…









Isn’t this the same silk that fell foul of Haddon-Cave J in a judgment that was on the website this week but which has disappeared since…? The one who wrote his skeleton argument ALL IN CAPITALS?



The very same. Has he gone mad?


Stephen Phillips QC MP

Do you know the case name?



R v. Khan. Judgment was published on judiciary website – final paragraph suggesting that a referral was made to Bar Standards in relation to Kamlish’s conduct of the case. Essentially he had made allegations of misconduct/abuse of process against everyone running Prosecution case including 2x Counsel who are now sitting as Circuit Judges. The same afternoon judgment disappeared off website not to been seen again!








Ms Charlotte Proudpoos

Stunning picture.



Well I like it ! A bit of eye candy over lunch certainly doesn’t bother me 😉


Snide prick

So it’s barristers in their underwear now that is considered news worthy according to legal cheek? What’s next, reporting on the size of Slaughter and May partner’s shits? Oh wait you already did a news story on shit YESTERDAY. Never have I seen such filth as this website. Fucking escrimental pieces of shit



Fuark, check the pecs on this sickhunt, been lifting brah? How much you bench? Let’s get swooooooole



He should make an effort to slim down his fat tum tum…



I always wondered how many barristers have tats.



Is it ageist that my first thought was that he probably uploaded it accidentally and meant to send it to a friend…



Hubba hubba!






Slug on belly



Stephen Kamlish is by far one of the best QC’s in the UK, so a pic in his boxers recovering from an injury ain’t gonna tarnish his reputation, the haters will always hate.
Regards to the R v Khan case at Birmingham crown court, I totally sympathise with Stephen about the judgement made by Justice Haddon-Cave on the judiciary website, so uncalled for, Bang out of order, no need for it what so ever!
Stephen is doing a fantastic job, he’s one of the best! He’s immense at putting liars to shame so let him carry on with what he’s best at!
Let there be justice …


Let there be Justice

***R v Khan***
The police officer in this case DC Maher was caught out by Mr Kamlish and the Judge on that case at the time Patrick Thomas QC was helping cover this corrupt officers perjury. The officer named was also adding extra hours to his work which is a cost to the tax payers, no formal investigation regards to his conduct has been made at present. Judge Patrick Thomas recused himself in the 2nd retrial for no good reason. Then Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, a very close friend of Judge Patrick Thomas QC, was parachuted in to clean and cover up his own (Patrick Thomas) misconduct, the misconduct of The West Midlands Police, The CPS, The Prosecutors, Judge Lockhart, and Judge Tim Spencer!
There is a new Judge, Judge King who is currently sitting on R v Khan trial, on the 4th Retrial. Judge King is clearly bias against any application Mr Kamlish puts forward. The attorney general and the judiacary has a very big interest in this case.

In a briefing with the police, Lockhart QC made the following comment “AVOID EXPERTS IF POSSIBLE”
Out of spite, Justice Haddon-cave put up his judgement 28 days later on the judiacry website, going against his own order, realising there is a press restriction then deleted it!
His Judgement had over 6,000 views in less than 24 hours! HOW ARE THESE DEFENDANTS GETTING A FAIR TRIAL???


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