What is going on with Lord Sumption’s ties?

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World goes crazy over justice’s fashion choices, but it’s Lord Pannick QC who really steals the Brexit Supreme Court show


This week saw the eleven justices of the Supreme Court sit down to hear the most important constitutional law case of a lifetime, but everyone was more bothered about what Lord Sumption was wearing.

A quick scan of the outspoken justice’s tie choices makes it abundantly clear why.

Monday’s tie: Headache-inducing

Tuesday’s tie: Abstract, but snazzy

Wednesday’s tie: Team GB Olympic-themed. A tabloid newspaper teaser?

Thursday’s tie: Festive, yet disappointing

While the world couldn’t help but gawp at the former commercial barrister’s fashion sense, an unlikely Twitter hero was born in the form of Lord Pannick QC.

The Blackstone Chambers barrister, who represented lead claimant Gina Miller in the case, exploded across the Twitterati scene this week, as spectators watched in awe at the constitutional lawyer’s impressive advocacy. Here’s just some of the, more humorous, gush:

Even legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg QC — who authored a piece for Legal Cheek on the Supreme Court Brexit hearing — had nice things to say:

Leading to speculation Sumption’s tie collection was all just a ploy…

The Miller challenge concludes today, with judgment expected in January. We will all have to wait until then to find out what Sumption’s next tie choice will be.



Why are his entire shirt cuffs flopping about? I thought a Supreme Court justice would be able to afford a decent tailor.



Lord Sumption QC ?
Is this written by a teenager ?



No, mate. He had to take a MASSIVE pay cut and, hence, standards have sadly fallen.



Once again, *this* is what we come to Legal Cheek for.


Lord Keith Of Kinkel

As we all know, with Lord Sumption it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…!!!!


Starbucks J

I have such a crush on Lord Sumption’s hair… ♥︎



Asking the important questions



Yep, all the liberal remainers praising Pannick to the rafters!, of course if he was on the other side they would probably personally attack him. Lol.



Go home Trump, you’re drunk.



I’m not Anon at 4.14. I want Miller and the others to win. But I have to admit that I think the pro-Pannick comments are completely over the top.

He has a very fine mind indeed and is a wonderful advocate (I think he’s the epitome of a barrister’s barrister). Joshua R’s comment about him, for example, is spot on. He did a bang-up job.

But Eadie was just as good. Just as persuasive. The claimants should win because their case is stronger; not because it was in Pannick’s hands. Like the earlier Anon I can’t help feeling that partisanship has got in the way of a sober assessment.



Go Nawaz Go.



Is it just me, or does Helen Mountfield have lovely hair?



Not just you.

It’s lustrous. I wonder if the hairdresser claimant gave her a free wash and condition.



I think Lord Sumption would make a great Santa. A white beard and a red Santa Suit and its ho ho ho . Love him 😘



Pannick is the tops.What a smooth operator😁


Irish BL

Pannick v Sumption – who would win? Who was considered the better advocate when Sumption was practising?



Surely, all m’lords and lady see when looking at Sumption is Rowley Birkin QC


Odd-Job Eddie

Self-important twit


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