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Wetherspoon to remove lockdown sceptic posters — including one featuring Lord Sumption

'It is fair to say that a few of the comments are out of date', says pub spokesperson

Jan 12 2021 12:04pm

Lord Sumption warns of ‘totalitarian society’ in latest attack on lockdown policies

Lockdown sceptic accuses government of setting fire to the constitution as it tries to rule by decree

Oct 28 2020 11:33am

Coronavirus laws a ‘secondary consideration’, says Sumption

Former Supreme Court justice says people should decide for themselves whether or not to obey the law

Sep 14 2020 10:15am

Hale takes subtle swipe at Sumption over suggestion it will take 50 years to achieve gender equality across judiciary

Outspoken ex-Supreme Court judge made controversial comments in 2015

Nov 12 2019 11:06am

‘Not on your life!’ Lord Sumption rules out move into politics

Ex-Supreme Court justice's comments came during final BBC Reith Lecture

Jun 18 2019 1:48pm

Lord Sumption: Theresa May deserves ‘respect’ but Boris Johnson’s a ‘clown’

Recently retired Supreme Court justice slams hard Brexit 'fanatics'

May 31 2019 8:51am

Lord Denning once told Lord Sumption becoming a barrister would be a ‘big mistake’

The revelation came during the Supreme Court judge's farewell ceremony this morning

Dec 12 2018 3:55pm

Lord Sumption tells barristers they’ve been getting it wrong on legal aid

Maverick Supreme Court judge says state funding is essential for crime but 'discretionary' for civil work — and bar needs to accept the public think they’re 'rich toffs', however unfair that may be

Nov 26 2018 8:28am
UK Supreme Court judges

BBC to broadcast lectures on law and politics by Lord Sumption

Outspoken Supreme Court justice will be the 2019 Reith Lecturer

Oct 4 2018 8:46am

Lord Sumption slams TWO of his fellow judges in strongly-worded contract law speech

And then goes on to confess his love for dictionaries

May 10 2017 11:32am

What is going on with Lord Sumption’s ties?

World goes crazy over justice's fashion choices, but it's Lord Pannick QC who really steals the Brexit Supreme Court show

Dec 8 2016 2:56pm

Lord Sumption tells aspiring lawyers not to do a law degree

Do a history degree instead, says the history graduate

Oct 11 2016 8:55am