Did the Daily Mail’s Supreme Court ‘Europhile ratings’ mirror how the judges ruled today?

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By Katie King on

No, of course they didn’t


The Daily Mail ran a piece about how Brexit-y the Supreme Court judges are. Today’s ruling shows either that this rating system was wrong or that judges’ Europhilia didn’t impact their decision today.

In the December piece, the anti-European Union newspaper gave the justices — which it called “11 unaccountable individuals” — a “Europhile rating” out of five.


With one being the most Eurosceptic and five being the most Europhile, four judges scored the maximum ‘I love the EU’ score. Four scored the minimum.

Reflecting on today’s Brexit legal challenge ruling, the rating system — a Supreme Court hit job piece published the week before the Miller hearing — didn’t seem to mirror who voted for what.

One example of the mismatch is Lord Carnwath who, despite scoring five stars and being badged a clear Europhile by the newspaper, dissented in today’s ruling. Like Carnwath, Lord Reed was also called out by the DM for his links to Europe (he scored four out of five stars). He also dissented.

Other more ‘Eurosceptic’ justices went against the Daily Mail grain and sided with lead claimant Gina Miller, who won her case today by a majority of eight to three. Lords Clarke (one star), Sumption (one star), Wilson (one star) and Hodge (two stars) all punted for the majority ruling.

And how is the newspaper feeling about this morning’s ruling?


No surprises there then…

How the judges ruled:


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