Is Goldsmith Chambers barrister Dominic D’Souza the new king of LinkedIn?

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By Katie King on

Criminal lawyer wows 3,000 followers with eccentric profile

Image via D'Souza Blog
Image via D’Souza Blog

Everyone, stop what you’re doing and have a look at lawyer Dominic D’Souza’s LinkedIn profile.

The self-described “High profile Criminal Defence Barrister”, of Goldsmith Chambers, has delighted his expansive audience with a number of eclectic posts.

We particularly like this outside court selfie:



Then there’s this photo, from what looks like a nightclub:


The advocate — who writes a blog called ‘D’Souza. THE criminal barrister’ — also caught our eye with this Lord Harley exchange:


And LinkedIn loves a motivational quote now and then:



Alongside defending accused criminals and entertaining his 3,162 LinkedIn followers, D’Souza has also turned his hand to recording videos of himself playing instruments and uploading them onto his YouTube channel.

For our less musically-inclined readers, take a look at this video (yes, he has a cigarette in his hand).

When we got in touch with D’Souza to ask him about his newly-found LinkedIn fame, he told us:

I guess LinkedIn has been a successful marketing and promotional tool for me. I noticed recently that my posts are viewed by up to 1000+ people. That doesn’t seem to have resulted in my being instructed as a result but I remain hopeful. Also I have had some lovely comments from students and others interested in law who seem to value/enjoy my various missives.

The complex crime specialist is not the first barrister to take social media by storm. Tunde Okewale, of Doughty Street Chambers, holds the proud title of most followed barrister on Instagram.

We look forward to more shenanigans from our new kid on the block D’Souza in 2017.

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