Is Goldsmith Chambers barrister Dominic D’Souza the new king of LinkedIn?

Criminal lawyer wows 3,000 followers with eccentric profile

Image via D'Souza Blog
Image via D’Souza Blog

Everyone, stop what you’re doing and have a look at lawyer Dominic D’Souza’s LinkedIn profile.

The self-described “High profile Criminal Defence Barrister”, of Goldsmith Chambers, has delighted his expansive audience with a number of eclectic posts.

We particularly like this outside court selfie:



Then there’s this photo, from what looks like a nightclub:


The advocate — who writes a blog called ‘D’Souza. THE criminal barrister’ — also caught our eye with this Lord Harley exchange:


And LinkedIn loves a motivational quote now and then:

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Alongside defending accused criminals and entertaining his 3,162 LinkedIn followers, D’Souza has also turned his hand to recording videos of himself playing instruments and uploading them onto his YouTube channel.

For our less musically-inclined readers, take a look at this video (yes, he has a cigarette in his hand).

When we got in touch with D’Souza to ask him about his newly-found LinkedIn fame, he told us:

I guess LinkedIn has been a successful marketing and promotional tool for me. I noticed recently that my posts are viewed by up to 1000+ people. That doesn’t seem to have resulted in my being instructed as a result but I remain hopeful. Also I have had some lovely comments from students and others interested in law who seem to value/enjoy my various missives.

The complex crime specialist is not the first barrister to take social media by storm. Tunde Okewale, of Doughty Street Chambers, holds the proud title of most followed barrister on Instagram.

We look forward to more shenanigans from our new kid on the block D’Souza in 2017.

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Lord Harley of Counsel

I will always be the biggest and the best on LinkedIn.


Why don’t you censor Lord Harley’s post as well then?

Anonymous Trainee

Unrelated to the article, but I have a dilemma I need some advice on:

I’m currently in my 3rd seat at a decent City law firm, but I’m worried about being kept on on qualifying.

I’m in a department at the moment where I reckon I could get offered a job, though I feel I really need to impress my supervisor to get a good report.

My supervisor is a woman (five years older than me) and at Thursday drinks last week she was being quite flirty. We’re both single and I reckon I could pull her if I wanted. That would definitely help with my NQ status – problem is I don’t want an office relationship or gossip and she seems a bit neurotic.

What should I do? Any advice appreciated.

Anonymous trainee's supervisor

I wasn’t flirting. Now get back to work Ian!

Anonymous Trainee

Also, I should add that she is a 7/10 (6 face, 8 bod)


Numerically rating her face and body?!?!?! Wow that’s backwards

For the sake of completeness – please ask her to post what her perception of your face and bod stats please…


Bloody hell, you definitely should not add that. What are you trying to say? That it’d only be wrong if she was a minger? Good grief…


Oi vey! Healthy heterosexual masculinity! Shut it down!


Damn hetros- I want more man on man stuff on Legal Cheek! Particularly Tom and his big muscles! Yum!

Jones Day Partner

Pulling a MILF? You’re more than welcome here if you don’t get a job at your current firm.

Cleary Gottlieb

You sound like some unemployed KWM trainee loser!! Get a life.


You should go for it as they say sex sells and we all know that Hollywood actresses got their break through sex


Ooh uhh someone getting a shout out and it’s not Tunde MBE, be careful his fans don’t come after you LC! 😏


This is a horrible thinly veiled “hit piece”. There’s nothing wrong with his linkedin profile, and he mixes the professional with the playful quite well.

This will now appear prominently on google searches for him.

People like you are why anonymity on the internet is a thing, and why people don’t stick their head above the parapet. There is always some moron waiting to target you personally.

Alan Blacker had his linkedin profile exposed for being a fraud. This guy has done nothing to deserve this kind of mockery.


I agree with this. Admittedly, I don’t think it’s a great idea to mix career-related videos with musical covers on his Youtube channel, but I watched his video “How to defend someone when you think they’re guilty…” and found it to be quite sincere despite being clearly a casual clip. Probably quite useful for anyone out there who is an aspiring criminal barrister!

The Alan Blacker comment on D’Souza’s profile is bizarre. I can’t believe the site doesn’t have some kind of system where you can report someone (ideally Blacker) you know to be misrepresenting themselves on it; especially important since so much job-hunting/inform headhunting happens on LinkedIn now!


Blacker’s been reported more times than he’s had his tea, but LinkedIn aren’t interested. Something to bear in mind when you’re assessing anyone’s CV frankly, since if they’re not sufficiently concerned to deal with his blatant lies they certainly aren’t vetting anyone exaggerating in a more subtle way.


I agree. He seems to have a sense of humour and a personality and this article is trying to put him in the same bucket as Lord Joker Of Counsel. It is possible to do decent work and not be a complete robot.

Dominic D'Souza

I must be a tad naive as I had not read the article as being disparaging to me. Am I wrong about that? I can’t think of a reason why Legalcheek would have any motive or investment in hurting my practice or reputation and I have to say the writer of the article Katie King contacted me before it went to print and I warmed to her during our correspondence. I now know that Legalcheek do not get on with Alan Blacker. I have never met Alan and had not realised the ongoing antipathy between Legalcheek and Alan and nor do I know what predicates it. Maybe as a result I have missed something in the intention behind the article about me, but it would be nice to think otherwise.


Dominic, stop spoiling everyone’s fun by being a reasonable and decent human being. That’s not what LC comments are for.


I don’t think you come across badly at all. I suppose there’s a little gentle mockery, but only because the profession is seen as so cut-throat and staid that someone artistic and fun is a bit of an oddball. Nothing wrong with that though, there’s no suggestion that you aren’t good at your job. Blacker, I’m afraid, is the butt of jokes because he’s a) not even slightly who he purports to be and b) is nasty with it. LC trolls him because he gets drunk and becomes an angry swearing keyboard warrior, and no-one feels particularly bad about it because he’s brought it on himself. Having said that, he almost certainly has some form of personality disorder.


HOW did this article miss off the accordion-playing (his post of 16 October 2015 – highly recommended)?


Or the results if you type his name into the BSB disciplinary findings…


Although the BSB stuff has got nothing to do with his actual practice


That’s not quite true if you see the 2010 complaint where he was told off by the BSB for falling asleep in court…


He’s far better, less pretentious and less arrogant than Tunde

Dominic D'Souza

I don’t actually know Tunde (no disrespect to that fine gentleman) but thank you so much for the compliment.

Peter Pan

Lol Dominic, honestly stop replyin to the trolls, you’re only digging your own grave.. xx

Dominic D'Souza

Yes Robert Rinder was indeed my pupil. D’Souza trained…..poor chap, no wonder he left the Bar for a life in TV! Joking aside he was an able pupil and on the occasions I led him in cases a sparkly junior!

Emma Lawson

Some top bants, some idiot trolls and a seemingly down to earth Barrister. Can’t please everyone! I did like D’Souzas answer to ‘how can you defend people you know are innocent’. Exactly what I said the other day and a pompous arrogant law student in my group proceeded to interrogate me, mock my age as I’m 20 years his junior and further stated that I’d be laughed out of court. Despite the fact I used his own words and behaviour as evidence that had screenshot for him as he ‘demanded’ evidence.

Silly boy. It’s his own fault his true colours came through so quickly. He shouldn’t have given me so material to work with. Experience trumped his attitude.
I felt as though I should have put him on the naughty step and taken away his allowance or better still – make him do chores as it appears he has no idea what chores are! 😂 He’s ‘that’ type, you know, the ones where regardless of the answer, the truth and mountains of evidence he’s always right and turns to rudeness and continues to completely contradict himself to confuse you into believing he is definitely right.

Well good boy, that shit does not work on me! #experienced mother of 2! Plus I’ve been around the legal profession for 18 years of his life.
Rant over!

So looking forward to receiving my wig & gown! 😝⚖️🎓👌🏻


Great story bro!

Nice how you took another story and made it all about you, generation snowflake.


A barrister who seems fun and isn’t stuck up his ass? Me likey.


Saw Dominic at Birmingham Crown court in 2013 R v Brown He was brilliant, case stopped half time, still in awe of him also a really nice friendly bloke as well, top man

Dominic D'Souza

That is so kind of you to say Alistair.
Kind regards,
Dominic D’Souza


It’s rather egotistical and self-congratulatory is it not?


I contacted both Dominic and Tunde for ad hoc work experience- only to be totally ignored!


Poor you.

No doubt these very busy barristers, who have given mini pupillages to many but don’t have the time or resources to do so for everyone, should have made you their priority.

You must be a very special person.


I may have been. You dont know me. just putting reality to fake publicity!


Dom seems like a top bloke, keep doing what you’re doing mate!


So this isn’t the same bloke that was suspended for 18 months for??????????

Tunde 'Tripod' Okewale

Nobody beats me on social media, you clowns.


Seems my LinkedIn efforts have resulted in a mixed bag of views. Thanks to those who were complimentary and supportive….and those who constructively criticised deserve thanks too. As to the trainee who is considering bedding his MILF boss in the hope of a permanent job I can only offer two pieces of advice – firstly remember that a leg over does not always help a leg up. Secondly I hope you don’t start what you can’t finish. The thread of comments about your prosex quandary was clearly more interesting than the article about me. Which I suppose is the way of things.

Trevor B

I saw D’Souza delivering a closing speech in a murder case in Manchester. At the risk of sounding sycophantic he was mesmerising. He just understands the human condition. I heard the prosecuting QC say to the court clerk “I haven’t heard one like that for a while”….if I was in the dock I would want D’Souza as my barrister any day.

Dominic D'Souza

Thank you Trevor. It’s never over if you still have a closing speech. I’ve always loved the drama and power of a closing speech. No such thing as a perfect speech and 25 years on I am still learning and listening.

Dominic D’Souza


Glad to see Dominic D’Souza doing well. Having seen him in court I can say he is an exceptional advocate. Just brilliant with a jury.



Dominic D’souza is one of the best courtroom advocates I have seen in over 20 years practice.


I agree. Mr D’Souza is to my mind the perfect advocate. I’ve never seen one of his speeches but his legal submissions were class.


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