Woman behind ‘TheGinaMiller’ Twitter account bombarded with messages in wake of Supreme Court Brexit ruling

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By Thomas Connelly on

She lives in Texas…


A woman who shares the same name as the lead claimant in the Brexit legal challenge has been bombarded with messages on Twitter this morning.

Earlier today the Supreme Court, upholding an earlier decision of the High Court, ruled by a majority of eight to three that Article 50’s invocation must be conditional on parliamentary approval.

Whatever you think of the ruling, spare a thought for media and communications specialist Gina Miller (pictured bottom left).

Having punted for the Twitter-handle @TheGinaMiller back in March 2009, the broadcaster — who lives in Dallas, Texas — shares the same name as the British businesswoman who spearheaded the Brexit challenge (pictured bottom right).


Miller — who has a hefty 28,000 followers thanks to her work with US football team FC Dallas — presumably never thought she’d be dragged into a UK constitutional law debate. But thanks to the power of social media (and its users’ stupidity) that’s exactly what has happened: she has been bombarded with tweets about the court’s historic decision.

One person thanked the US media guru for “standing up for democratic process”:

While others offered their congratulations:

Others, clearly unhappy with today’s decision, sent abusive tweets to the sports broadcaster:

Some Twitter users, including fellow TV presenter Simon Thomas, were quick to point out that people were targeting the wrong Gina Miller:

Addressing the nation’s press outside the Supreme Court earlier today, the actual claimant Miller slammed the government’s response to the abuse and intimidation she and others faced throughout proceedings. Flanked by her legal team, the investment manager said:

I sincerely hope that going forward, people who stand in positions of power and profile are much quicker in condemning those who cross the lines of common decency and mutual respect.

*cough* Justice Secretary Liz Truss?

The Lord Chancellor was criticised by lawyers and legal academics alike for her mealy-mouthed response to media abuse targeting the judges involved in the case at first instance. This time around, she released a statement almost immediately after the Supreme Court decision was made public.

Describing the judiciary as the “cornerstone of the rule of law” and “vital to our constitution and our freedoms”, Truss said:

The reputation of our judiciary is unrivalled the world over, and our Supreme Court justices are people of integrity and impartiality. While we may not always agree with judgments, it is a fundamental part of any thriving democracy that legal process is followed.’

That’s more like it Liz.

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