11 reasons why you should date a lawyer

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We know you want to


Dating a lawyer can be really crap.

The Hunger Games mentality, the stress, the argumentative streak: Legal Cheek wrote all about it last year. Given the 14,000+ social media shares the ‘11 reasons why you should avoid dating a lawyer at all costs’ article clocked up, it seems a lot of you agreed.

But maybe we shouldn’t be quite so harsh on our law-loving partners (of the romantic, not the law firm, kind). They have a lot to offer. Today — on the day of love — it only seemed right to reflect on all the things that make dating a lawyer really, really great.

1. Lawyers plan the best dates


“I went to this really cool place on my vac scheme, I’ll definitely take you there” are words anyone loved up with a law student will be used to hearing.

2. Their powers of persuasion


Overindulged on Prosecco to combat those first date jitters? No matter how wobbly, slurry and sick you become, your companion will make sure you’re not kicked out of the bar. It may take fifteen minutes for them to find a copy of the Equality Act on their phone, but they’ll get there.

3. The endless supply of law firm freebies


Okay, so you would rather not have received another tote bag for Valentine’s Day this year. But you can’t deny those Travers Smith speakers are pretty cool.

4. The drama


Just a week’s work experience at a small firm will throw up a whole host of crazy stories for your boyfriend or girlfriend to share with you.

5. You know everything there is to know about current affairs


With your partner cramming for their vac scheme interview prep, you find yourself becoming unusually interested in all things current affairs. You now far better understand the way the justice system works, which is no bad thing.

6. The organisation


Being organised and on top of things is crucial to being a good lawyer. Hate leaving a date without knowing if you’ll see each other again? Fear not — you’ll have a trip to the aquarium, theatre tickets and a Paris getaway all sorted before you’ve even ordered your starter.

7. The wig and gown are kind of cool


Fun to drunkenly dress up in anyway.

8. The prestige


Admit it, telling your friends your partner is “studying for the bar” or “doing their solicitor training” sounds pretty impressive.



Prepare to be plus one-ed to every single law society networking event ever. You’re not here to impress potential recruiters, so it’s off the nibbles station you go.

10. The money


If your partner has the drive and determination to get to the top, you’re laughing.

11. Free legal advice


Parking fine? Landlord and tenant dispute? Argument with university employer? It will all be sorted before you’ve even had time to worry about it.

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Barristers are glamorous, impossibly charming and great fun. Solicitors are, in the main, dull and socially inept.

Date the bar; shun the roll.



Hhhmmmm barristers are impoverished wind bags with egos….over here anyway….no money in the Bar.



Don’t forget terrible breath



Well you should have joined a proper set



Lol this barrister has a chip on his shoulder – chin up mate, one day you might make half as much money as an equivalently experienced solicitor.



Er, surely you mean ‘you might bill as much money as an equivalently experienced solicitor’. Poor old sols have to hand it all over to the partners.



Speak for yourself! I am impossibly charming, devilishly good looking, hilarious and have plenty of money. I find the bar stuck up, desperate (always taking money) and arrogant. I know which one I would pick and where the money is.



When I saw the title of the article, I immediately knew KK wrote this. So I click on the article, and… KK wrote this. Too predictable.



She might have stolen 90% of this from the Facebook or the FT. Let’s contact the firm she will be training at for comment.

Oh. Wait.



Savage. 🔥🔥🔥



Wow its that Cambridge educated windbag.

I hope A&O bin you.



Only problem he is likely to be a “dick”!


Lawya playa

Don’t cry baby, had to ditch you to stay on board that dolla train. Plenty more Schlong in the sea.



Katie, this is just desperate. I told you it was a one time thing and writing for Legal Cheek does not make you a lawyer.



Weirdly, most of these points are of relevance only if you’re not a lawyer yourself.



Which does beg the question of who this article is aimed at.


s.32 Salmon Act 1986

Why does the video in number 9 feature a guy in a Queensland Reds jersey stealing food, in an article that is ostensibly about the law? Everyone knows there are no laws in Queensland!



Also seemingly apart from the money point, they all relate to dating a law student, the most insecure yet self important subset of student



Katie pls.


Lecherus Maximus

The sexiest (female) profession is classical musician, especially violinist and cellist.


Scouser of Counsel

I concur, albeit I favour the flautist…

As such, I married one!



The best I can say about this is that at least it’s not as bad as the Amal baby turd of a so-called article the other day.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Just, shit.



Katie back at it again with another ‘quality’ piece of journalism!


Katie's Mum

Don’t be so mean, or I’ll be sending you the laundry bill for all the wet beds!



Diarrhoea is nasty.



Not sure if giving Katie a hard time over this is necessary.

If I sat at home all evening surrounded by an army of cats, i would probably come up with a similar level of nonsense


An ordinary person.

sharks,the lot of them,dull too.



Briana? I missed you, hotness.


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