A barrister’s wig and gown have been stolen from the RCJ robing room

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Lawyer thinks it’s ‘appalling’ there isn’t a lock on the door

There have been a number of thefts from the Royal Courts of Justice robing room, with one poor barrister losing his wig and gown.

The news was broken on LinkedIn by Goldsmith Chambers’ Dominic D’Souza, who Legal Cheek recently applauded for his eccentric social media personality. He mourned the loss of his Bose headphones, while revealing his co-defending counsel’s barrister garments had been lifted too.

A wig and gown, when purchased together, can cost about £500. Bose headphones range in price from £100 to £910.

Speaking to us about the incident, D’Souza added that another barrister’s tie was also taken. However he said the thief, “upon reflection”, returned the tie some hours later.

Criminal law specialist D’Souza thinks it’s “appalling” there isn’t even a standard code lock on the robing room door, nor CCTV at the historic High Court building. He went on:

[I]t seems no one feels the slightest compunction to provide the bar with the most basic protection for their possessions.

This is not the first time a barrister has had their precious wig pinched by a thief.

One Crown Office Row’s Matthew Heywood suffered a similar fate. His horsehair was stolen from his car while he was on holiday. The human rights specialist went as far as to pin up signs in his local area, Hove, appealing for its return. Unfortunately, Heywood is yet to be reunited with his wig.

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When I was doing mini pupillages etc I was always told by barristers NEVER to leave anything valuable in the robing rooms etc. I was also told it wasn’t an “intruder” that was the likely culprit, it was the lawyers.



That image is Anti-Semetic.

The model is clearly doing a thriving Jewish Fagin type impression.

Remove please before action is taken.



Yeah, it was definitely not another barrister, not possible at all…


J.V. Jarndyce

Wasn’t this a plot line on Silk…?


True-Man LJ

It would be more fitting on Eastenders…


Clive Reader QC

In series one episode one of Silk, one of the mini pupils steals a wig and gown. He stole them from a shop as opposed to a robing room.


Charlotte Proudman

That photo looks like blackface with the beard and eyemask.

Should be taken down.



troll in the dungeon!


Da Man in da Pictcha

🎼Ol’ man ribba, dat ol’ man ribba, he mus’ know some tin’ but say he dindu nuffin…🎤


Shoe-less Joe

Maidstone Crown Court is rife with tie theft.

… and shoes.



Well, it is effectively a congregating point for criminals.


Now I use a brolly

Many years ago, I left my Burberry raincoat (which I bought with hard-earned cash as a pupil) in the robing room at Basildon Crown Court. Needless to say, it had gone when I remembered. A lesson to me on not trusting fellow lawyers!





Lord H

Cretin! I always appreciate being saluted when I arrive anywhere in the Roller.



Do you pay someone to roll you, or is it covered by DLA?


This happened to me before Christmas in Southwark crown court robing room. They stole my Burberry raincoat and Burberry scarf which was emblazoned with my initials. The police took it seriously but there is no cctv near the robing room. I’m ashamed to say it was probably another barrister 🙁 £1900 of hard earned savings gone!



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Not a chav

Burberry? Did you check the bin?


Lord Harley of Counsel

I had my career stolen from the robing room at Cardiff.



Top Bantz


Bring back Fat Bladder

Katie, I am sorry to say this but it has become increasingly obvious that Blacker is the life blood of LC. When his [hopeless] appeal is heard and he disappears into the ether (or the fat genie is forced back into his lamp) LC will be without its mainstay. Alan really needs the money now so why doesn’t LC put him on the staff? He could add his erudite comments -“Cretin”, “Brickswallop”, “Wanker” etc to the comments section and could even write the occasional piece – doubtless replete with spelling and grammatical errors – for the edification of readers.


Law Society

Innaproppriate language from criminal at 9.46. Please remove



Applies to you too.



Someone once stole one of my pink bowler hats from the cloakroom at Skegness Magistrates’ Court. I was so angry I did fifty more chin-ups than usual when I got back to London.



Me dindu nuffin bruv



Mags courts don’t have cloakrooms.

I wish I was a sixth form genius.


Dominic D'Souza

I’m still smarting over the theft of my headphones! To have won in the Court of Appeal was not music to my ears that day!

Dominic D’Souza



I was sat behind you in the public gallery.

I had assumed that they were stolen from the courtroom.

If they were left in the robing room, then I’d agree with everyone else that they were probably stolen by a fellow barrister



I think I saw someone in the RCJ wearing a wig and gown last week. They looked about 45 years old. Black shoes. Grey hair under the wig. A slight look of smugness. It may have been them?

Sorry that I can’t help with the question re headphones. Though I did see a few people on the Strand wearing headphones, sadly I can’t recall enough to give a description.


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