Dechert partner wages Instagram war on mainstream media over ‘Mrs Clegg’ slur

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Top City lawyer accuses the Daily Mail of ‘abuse’ and posting ‘fake news’


Dechert partner Miriam González expressed her dismay on Instagram at being referred to by her husband Nick Clegg’s surname. Now, she has used the social platform to wage war on the Daily Mail for questioning her decision to do so.

The 48-year-old Oxford graduate is a partner at Dechert’s London office, where she is co-chair of the outfit’s International Trade and Government Regulation practice. Unusually for a City lawyer, González has a personal Instagram account, and this week she used it to slam a letter she received addressed to “Mrs Clegg”.

The irony of being invited to speak at an International Women's Day event to celebrate women's success addressed to me as 'Mrs Clegg' …😉

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Moments after this post was made, national news outlets latched onto it and reported it in various forms. One such outlet was our good friend the Daily Mail, which ran a story featuring these lines:

Perhaps Miriam should take the matter up with International Women Day’s commercial partner, U.S. soft drinks giant Pepsico. Pepsico paid her husband £44,500 to make two speeches shortly after he resigned as Deputy Prime Minister, even though he had previously campaigned against junk food.

Unhappy, the corporate lawyer hit back at the newspaper, implying the story was “fake news”.

Later, González publicly thanked the BBC for “reporting [the story] more accurately than the Daily Mail”.

Overnight, all fell silent on the anti-Daily Mail Instagram tirade front. But, just when we thought it was over, this morning she hit us with this:

Yes, that is an image of the newspaper’s editor, Paul Dacre, copied and pasted onto Darth Vader.

This latest post was in response to a Daily Mail article which stated European law specialist González’s “aggressive feminism does her no favours”.

Keep your eyes peeled for more González vs the national media shenanigans.

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All the ingredients of a KK article present and correct:

Feminism – Tick
Stuff posted on social media – Tick
“Top” lawyer involved – Tick



Don’t forget Daily Mail bashing, and by extension all the plebs Katie despises because of Brexit.

Mrs Clegg comes out very poorly from this. Her ‘fake news’ claim is stupid, since her hubby is still a massive hypocrite (when was he never).

Then her photo shopping (yes photo shopping – something normal people give up in their teens) of Paul Dacre onto Darth Vader’s head, adding fuel to the looney conspiracy that Dacre and Murdoch are the world’s dark overlords, whipping the plebs up into a fury of racism, sexism and homophobia (because being brainwashed is the only sensible explanation for non-PC beliefs isn’t it?).

Note to self: Don’t move to Dechert and discourage anyone from applying there.


Privileged white male

Your insistence on calling her “Mrs Clegg” is incredibly offensive – she has never used this name.



You’ve lived in a safe space your whole life if you find that ‘incredibly offensive’.



Hi Mrs Clegg.



Daily Mail as usual desperate to find fault with women who dare show some balls


The Irony

“Who dare show some balls.”



You don’t understand metaphors?



Don’t you understand irony?



You triggered?


career politicians

either your husband accepted £44,000 plus from PepsiCo for speeches after campaigning against junk food – or he did not, confirm or deny??? ……… not an issue of fake news ( or lies), but perhaps hypocrisy?


LL and P

Women all around the world survive wars, famine, death, poverty, yet western women think keeping your father’s name is ‘showing some balls’. Very interesting.



Can someone please explain what part or detail of the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story constitutes ‘fake news’?

And is ‘fake news’ just a voguish way of saying ‘mistake’, ‘hoax’ or ‘I disagree’.



The fact that they suggested she was kicking off, going crazy over it etc, when it was merely an instagram post with a lighthearted winking emoji at the end.



What? The use of “kicks off” and “shames”? That’s fake news?

Fake news – if it means anything – surely refers to *made up* stories, false facts, and the like. It is a pathetic term to apply to stories written in tabloid-ese. A child taken to hospital by an ambulance with its lights flashing will be something like “HERO DASH TO A&E BY FRANTIC MEDICS TO SAVE TOT “. That’s not fake news; it’s popular journalism.



You are an intolerable bore: ‘top’ ‘Oxford educated’. Try, just try, to change the record.



And she didn’t even go to Oxford


Not Amused

Oh look. Yet more use of social media where all the parties involved end up looking bad.


a woman

Feminism in an office or work context does not exist – sadly, from my experience, women pull each other down with special attention / target on your back…… bit like saying Maggy Thatcher was a feminist when she was all “sharp elbows and knees” ….

I have only met and been impressed by one female senior colleague who was truly exceptional – she was focused on work outcomes and quality, and as she progressed, she took people (male and female alike) with her…….. just one woman out of my experience of 8 years who was good, the rest have ranged between neutral – good – ultra aggressive and disruptive, no feminism as far as the eye can see…….. just my experience from real life



I hope you recognise the irony of you complaining that there is no mutual female support and then immediately saying you have only ever met one impressive female colleague.

Your desire criticise female colleagues remains misogynistic, regardless of your gender.

When trying to decide if what you are about to say is sexist think ‘would you ever hear this the other way round?’



Not a misogynist.

Just saying 1 woman over 8 years is poor. She was great because she did not take any gender – based view to her work, but simply focused on excellence as an outcome.

I have never experienced positive feminism in the workplace – where women are encouraging, raise each other up, no positive networking. Its a shame. At best, they are utterly neutral.

On the other hand, I have observed bullying, insecurity and competitiveness taken to the point of actively undermining one another. All females.

These are my actual experiences that i am simply relaying. you may find them unpalatable but unfortunately, its true.

Sticking you head in the sand or throwing out the misogyny card is misplaced.



You need to find somewhere else to work then. Men are no less likely to drag people down for their own gain and I am grateful to have worked with plenty of helpful and trustworthy women in my 6yrs at one firm. Gender doesn’t define characteristics a person’s actions do. But all that really isn’t the point of this article anyway 😄



In all honesty she is only famous because of her husband.



Oh look another feminist article by KK herself. Shut up bitch and get back in the damn kitchen and make me something uselful.



The constant abuse Katie King gets on here (and the way her articles really seem to rile up a certain section of society) just serves to demonstrate why we need feminism – and more articles about it.



She deserves all the abuse she gets, the feminist cuck, thanks to Trump’s regime she will soon be back in the kitchen, well that is when she isn’t birthing us males children.


Lord Trumpington of Brownsville

Well the Daily Heil is really going down the pan these days. I used to work for it in the 90s when Darth Dacre was but a young sprightly er, 60 year old. But let’s face it they are on a par with the gutter tabloids now. Only this week, Wikipedia has banned the “unreliable”Daily Mail as a source. Not even the Express, Mirror or (hurts to say this word) Daily Star are considered this bad at fact checking. How the mighty fall.


Fact check

Did she study at Oxford?



Pretty sure she studied in Spain and Belgium, not Oxford – she is a “senior associate member” at St Antony’s college, but that doesn’t mean she studied there…


Fact check

Thats what I thought but didn’t want to make assumptions.



Legal Cheek’s desperately using Oxford as a buzzword to draw in more readers



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



“Unusually for a City lawyer, González has a personal Instagram account”

Unusual according to who, exactly?


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