‘Secret Barrister’ lands major book deal achieving every law blogger’s dream

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Five publishers bid for the anonymous blogger’s first-ever title

The Secret Barrister, a junior criminal barrister whose fly-on-the-wall accounts of law, crime and justice were read by half a million people last year, is to publish a book, The Law and How It’s Broken in 2018.

The book, to which Pan MacMillan secured the rights beating four other publishers in an auction, is the latest installment in Secret Barrister’s rapid success story; the blog only went live a few years ago. SB joined Twitter in 2015 and now has 31,000 followers.

Going mainstream, the unidentified blogging barrister featured in the Huffington Post earlier this year with a damning indictment of Iain Duncan Smith’s clanger when he criticised the Supreme Court for being “self-appointed” and telling parliament “how to run its business.”

The book, the blogger says, is intended for a general audience to get across the importance of the criminal justice system and why it matters that the system works properly. Continuing, the barrister told Legal Cheek:

I wanted to write a book to show the public what really goes on behind the courtroom door. By writing about these problems from an insider’s perspective, I hope to demonstrate to a non-legal audience why criminal justice is so important, and to illustrate what happens when we allow those in charge to chip away at our most basic freedoms. Anyone can be a victim of crime, and anyone can be wrongly accused of a crime. And you will want the system to work properly if that person is you.

The blogger has, so far, held onto anonymity. Could a book deal change that? The Secret Footballer, the anonymous Premier league football player and columnist, has managed to keep his identity under wraps even with four books under his belt; so it is possible to be successful and a secret.

There is one thing which the Secret Barrister makes no secret about, however, and that is their strong views. In an interview with Counsel magazine last year, SB said:

It is public miseducation and apathy that has permitted recent governments to wantonly vandalise the justice system to such devastating effect.

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Legally grey

Well that’s one way to make a few quid working at the junior criminal bar.



It’s pretty much the only way.



I’ll stick with trolling Legal Cheek, thank you very much.


Secret Solicitor

“By writing about these problems from an insider’s perspective, I hope to demonstrate to a non-legal audience why criminal justice is so important”.
This is an apt article for this site.
Nice one LC



Congratulations to him!

Although just like David Allen Green, he achieved his notoriety through practising in an area of public interest and being an engaging writer.

For those practising in conveyancing for example, no matter how engaging your writing is, no-one cares!

I think there are huge opportunities for those practising in criminal law, public law, even family law, to set up blogs and twitter feeds and have great success.



Errrr what about client confidentiality?

You cant just publish anecdotes of your clients affairs and hope that by anonymising features its okay – the salient points that make the story worth telling will still remain!!

I’m guessing the so – called “juicy” (or employment tribunal worthy stuff) for barristers and solicitors will deal with office politics and shenanigans. I suppose if nothing can be done to fix problems / dramas / intrigues in work places, you may as well write about them and make a few bob.



You raise an interesting point about how and whether the anonymisation of stories serves to sufficiently protect a client whose affairs comprise the ‘meat’ of those stories…There is a line somewhere. In practise, anonymisation often but not invariably satisfies the requirements, I would think.


Secret Solicitor

I tried writing on a legal site and was assaulted by thousands of criminals and SS victims. So no thanks.
I guess I just don’t have an engaging style.



Isn’t the Secret Footballer that ginger who played for Reading, Dave Kitson?


Scep Tick

Yes. Well, at least one of them. Like The Stig, there is more than one. Danny Murphy is another.



When one of us gets sick it’s ALWAYS guternaaed that everyone else gets it within a couple of days..Hope you get well soon.. That’s not a gag gift.. that is just awful..



Hasn’t the Secret Barrister said more than once that she is a woman?



Let righteousness come to the wise, so that they will live lives of holiness, and (inevitably) persuade others to do the same.

This is a higher star in the firmament than ideas about the criminal justice system, in my opinion. It is an expression derived from 1BC (if I recall), so it is, so far, struggling for traction 🙂


Reality Check

One of the hundreds of thousands of disgruntled yet individually talented Bar course exploitees strings 130 characters together in despair of last known profession where empty hereditary symbolism reigns?



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