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Secret Barrister falls silent on Twitter

Anonymous bar blogger hasn't posted in over a month

Jul 7 2023 8:50am

Law Society: Lawyers could face physical attacks following Home Secretary speech

Priti Patel lashed out at 'lefty lawyers' and 'do-gooders' during conference address

Oct 6 2020 10:46am

Research: Nearly three quarters of Brits believe mainstream media ‘misreports’ the law

Over half think the Supreme Court tried to block Brexit and 'defy the will of the people'

Sep 3 2020 11:22am

Legal Twitterati outrage over Home Office’s ‘activist lawyer’ tweet

The Secret Barrister changed their handle to 'The Secret Activist Lawyer (AKA Barrister)' in response

Aug 27 2020 10:38am

Barristers lose it over Quiz courtroom blunders

'Was that a gavel I just heard?'

Apr 20 2020 12:00pm

Piers Morgan could face prosecution over ‘unhinged’ criticism of Meghan Markle, says The Secret Barrister

Outspoken broadcaster branded Duchess 'a piece of work' and 'spoiled brat'

Jan 20 2020 3:22pm

The Secret Barrister accuses Boris Johnson of copying blog about sentencing of London Bridge attacker

'This is weapons grade shithousery', anonymous author complains

Dec 2 2019 11:46am

Ask questions, avoid bullshit and shop in Tesco’s bargain bin, Secret Barrister tells new pupils

Mystery blogger dispenses pupillage wisdom in open letter to younger self

Sep 3 2019 9:03am
secret barrister

The Secret Barrister reveals pain at not being able to publicly celebrate success

Anonymous author wishes they could lap up glory in person

Jun 3 2019 3:54pm

The Secret Barrister once used the words ‘squirrel sex’ to justify a poor exam result during a pupillage interview

Anonymous super-blogger drops biggest hint to true identity so far

Mar 11 2019 10:28am

You can now help The Secret Barrister collect Xmas presents in new online game

Navigate levels without getting caught by MPs and journalists

Dec 19 2018 11:26am
secret barrister

The Secret Barrister secures second book deal

Anonymous blogging heavyweight tells Legal Cheek they won't be quitting the bar anytime soon

Oct 25 2018 11:06am
Justice courts lawyers

Free Representation Unit teams up with The Secret Barrister in new CrowdJustice appeal

Blogging heavyweight becomes legal charity's first anonymous patron

Oct 5 2018 10:24am

The Secret Barrister unmasked in London burger joint

They are a 30-something Comprehensive school-educated non-Oxbridge grad, it emerges during daring interview

Jun 29 2018 4:05pm

The Secret Barrister’s legal analysis of Bananarama hit is a thing of beauty

? Come on baby, can’t you see, I stand accuuuused of love in the first degree ?

Mar 5 2018 12:35pm

‘Arrogant and led by his ego’: Feminist campaigner slams The Secret Barrister over John Worboys article

Star law blogger defends position, amid strong support from legal profession

Jan 8 2018 1:59pm

‘Secret Barrister’ lands major book deal achieving every law blogger’s dream

Five publishers bid for the anonymous blogger's first-ever title

Mar 3 2017 9:10am