The 13 best Article 50 tweets, on the day it is triggered

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By Katie King on

Why wasn’t Theresa May’s letter delivered Olympic torch-style?

Image via @BeardedGenius

Today is a momentous day. Article 50 has been triggered, and formal negotiations to leave the European Union can now begin.

But among the solemnity, unease and uncertainty, there’s been plenty of light relief thanks to the brilliant Twitterati. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Poor Henry

2. Celebrate ???

3. Sounds fun

4. ? Never ever have I ever felt so low ?

5. Democracy

6. We wish the letter was comedy sized too

7. Tim is such a madman

8. Article 50 letter relay?

9. Very timely

10. Is this how you trigger Article 50?

11. Preparation

12. I feel more triggered than Article 50

13. Tottenham’s new signing looks promising

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