This judge looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid

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And it got us thinking about our own Supreme Court’s Disney look-alikes

A judge from Ukraine has attracted media attention after a tweeter pointed out she looks like the half-woman, half-octopus villain from The Little Mermaid.

Not words we ever thought we’d read either, but you can’t deny Alla Bandura’s dramatic make-up and extreme hairstyle bear some resemblance to Disney villain Ursula’s.

While our Ukrainian lawyer — who, interestingly, survived an assassination attempt in 2006 — continues to attract social media shares and likes, Legal Cheek can’t help but wish more of our UK judges looked like Disney characters, though there are already some parallels.

Of course the most striking of all the judges is Lord Sumption, who looks like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, maybe even a bit like Marie from The Aristocats (pictured right).

Lady Hale, on the other hand, reminds us of the loving fairy godmother in Cinderella.

And does anyone else think Lord Kerr looks like all of Snow White’s seven dwarves rolled into one?

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This is really quite unkind



Are you trying to say that the Ukrainian justice is fat? That’s what it looks like.



Rather than focusing on her career as a judge in Ukraine, or the fact she continued her job after an assassination attempt, let’s write an article focusing on her appearance.

Are you suggesting her appearance is the most important thing about her career LC?



Give me strength.



Legal Cheek has somehow become even more shit



Slow news day much?


Petition to Ban Katie King from LC

Katie King needs the sack.


Jones Day Partner

What type of sack were you thinking of… I may be able to help.



Did you just assume her gender?



Top comment



Delete this!



Ha! I pretend to care about empowering women but will strike them down on their looks alone!!!



Not quite sure how Katie King has a job… the rubbish Legal Cheek churn out on a daily basis is embarassing!



Sorry to hear you’re so unhappy in yours x



Utter arse wipe of an article.



Absolute garbage of a news. LC need to rethink their stories



Fabulous Katie. Who doesn’t love Disney!


Emma Watson

You go KK!

Remember, it’s not sexism or objectification when a feminist does it!



Bye bye any career in law!



Ugh. Totally sick of LC commenters and the utter hypocritical BS they spout every f*cking day. Aren’t you tired? A bunch of bratty trolls one day; self-righteous bandwagoning preachers the next. Constantly criticising the content, but coming back every day for more! Ha! What a bunch of awful middle-class asses you are.



The irony of criticising people for preachy comments on LC in a preachy comment on LC…


Ciaran Goggins

As for the Russian language account I won’t translate the title. Hint, to do with male genitalia.



Let’s focus on a woman’s looks rather than her job… again…



So body shaming is bad, until you feel like it?



Delete your account.


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