Better late than never: Liz Truss finally made honorary bencher of Lincoln’s Inn

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Apparently one Court of Appeal judge refused to stand up

Liz Truss has now been made an honorary bencher of Lincoln’s Inn, four and a half months after the ceremony was postponed indefinitely. She will join approximately 60 other Lincoln’s Inn honoraries, including US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, land law textbook guru Martin Dixon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Readers may recall that back in November Truss’ moment of bencher glory was put on hold. It’s convention for all Lord Chancellors to be given the symbolic title either at Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple or Middle Temple, so eyebrow raises were aplenty at the time.

Though Lincoln’s Inn gave no reason for the decision, it’s worth noting the postponement’s timing. It came less than two weeks after Truss failed to condemn tabloid newspaper attacks on the High Court judges involved in the Article 50/Gina Miller litigation.

Now, it seems Truss and the Inn have reconciled their differences. The Justice Secretary was introduced to the Inn by President of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger yesterday lunchtime. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said:

The Secretary of State received a warm welcome at the event.

With the ceremony now having gone ahead, it seems the whole ‘enemies of the people’ hoo-ha has been put to bed — or has it?

For starters, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas doesn’t seem to be over it. His brutal Truss-directed attack — where he described her High Court judges/media view as “completely and utterly wrong” — was less than two weeks ago. And then take a look at this tweet from Enterprise Chambers barrister Linden Ife:

Oh dear.

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I hear the actual reason why the Court of Appeal judge didn’t stand up was because he had piles.



I heard he lost his legs in the Crimea.


Lord Slim of Shady

Will the real Court of Appeal judge please stand up!



Good to see the Court of Appeal judges adopting the ‘chat shit get banged’ mentality.



That. Is. A. Dis-grace.



I don’t even stand up to go to the toilet, why should I get up for her?


Alexander Carter-Silk

Stunning picture.



Pork markets.



Justin Welby is an honorary bencher…

For what? Services to the propagation of supernatural nonsense? Who’s up next… Katie Hopkins?



Well maybe for being Archbishop of Canterbury a position which means he leads a global community of followers of more than 900 million part of the over 2 billion Christians in the world and in turn is part of the 9 in 10 people globally that belong to one faith or another. In addition as Archbishop he is head of the Church of England he leads the General Synod which is a legislative body and can pass laws applicable across England and Wales so arguably there is also a legal connection.



Shh. Just let them get cross about religion.



Oh bore off. 9 out of 10? Is that a wind up?

Maybe he is head of the Holy Synod or whatever but that in itself is questionable.

Religion is just collective delusion.



“Junior, the Queen”

“The Queen!”



He didn’t stand up because he had wood.



Why did he have wood? Did Liz forget to do up her blouse again? So clumsy.






Gag on a spoon



Oh Lincoln’s Inn… 🙄

I bet she thought it was a pub that sells Lincolnshire sausages.



Beyond useless this woman. As is her boss..


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