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Call to the bar: Which Inn has the best boozer?

Ranked by future pupil barrister

Nov 23 2023 9:18am

£6 million up for grabs as Inns open bar scholarship applications

You've got to be in it to win it 🤑

Sep 22 2021 12:54pm

The best festive firs from across the legal profession ?

From law firm lobbies to Inns of Court of libraries... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Dec 20 2019 8:47am

Better late than never: Liz Truss finally made honorary bencher of Lincoln’s Inn

Apparently one Court of Appeal judge refused to stand up

Apr 4 2017 1:04pm

£5 million up for grabs as Inns of Court open BPTC scholarship applications

Bar hopefuls have less than a month to apply

Oct 10 2016 10:26am

Pictures emerge of proposed Lincoln’s Inn ‘education bunker’

But no official comment on price tag or suggestions that inns are getting back into vocational training game

Aug 20 2015 9:41am

Junior Barrister Follows In Obama’s Footsteps By Becoming Top Ranked Post In Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ Section – But Who Is He?

Yesterday, an anonymous junior barrister (whose ID card is pictured below) found himself the talk...

Nov 8 2012 12:30pm

How To Get An Inns Of Court Scholarship

BPTC student Jack Smith, who’s in receipt of a full scholarship from Lincoln’s Inn, explains...

Mar 19 2012 1:43pm

#RoundMyKitchenTable Exam Special: How Do You Revise And Apply For Jobs?

Taking a rare break from revising for his Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) exams, barrister-to-be...

Feb 17 2012 10:41am

Is The LNAT Fit For Purpose?

Barrister-to-be Jack Smith, whose LNAT score didn’t correspond with his other academic results, isn’t convinced...

Feb 2 2012 2:02pm

If You Can’t Bag a Pupillage in England Can You Do it Abroad?

Unable to secure a pupillage in London, Shafik Cassim has had more luck in Mauritius This...

Jan 30 2012 11:53am


Follow @FellowsAdam Adam Fellows explains the eccentric world of the inns of court Despite the...

Nov 10 2011 6:57am