Bog roll bust-up: London lawyer sends incredible email to flatmates explaining why it’s not his turn to buy toilet paper

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By Thomas Connelly on

So. Much. Cringe.

A leaked email has revealed an incredible bog roll related bust-up between a young City lawyer and his two flatmates.

In a rather passive aggressive message sent to his housemates (in full below), the London-based lawyer explains in alarming detail why it’s not his turn to purchase toilet roll.

The associate — who Legal Cheek has chosen not to name — wastes no time telling pals Nicola and Christopher that he “had bought 9 toilet paper rolls last time and that only eight had been bought since.”

Continuing, our disgruntled lawyer, who Legal Cheek understands no longer lives with Nicola and Christopher, goes on to rebut a previous claim that he had purchased inferior toilet roll. Stressing that his rolls were “3 ply thick,” our domestic dictator explains he had also “bought 17 of the 29 rolls used in the two previous months.”

But our legal eagle isn’t finished just yet. The email — which presumably made for awkward dinner conversation that evening — goes on to tackle the sensitive subjects of “bin bags” and “wash liquid for dishes.”

Signing off, the junior lawyer hopes the email will avoid any “misunderstanding.” Yes, crystal clear.

Read the email in full below:

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