Hashtag hilarity as MoJ and CPS try, and fail, to launch serious social media campaigns

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Legal Twitterati couldn’t help but take the p*ss

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have this week launched brand new social media campaigns, and lawyers couldn’t help but poke fun at them both.

Take the MoJ, which debuted #YouAtYourBest yesterday. The social media hashtag has been introduced to coincide with Justice Secretary Liz Truss’ launch of HM Prison and Probation Service, described on its website as: “[a] new frontline service focused on reforming offenders and cutting crime.”

Cue legal Twitterati reaction, such as these gems from Garden Court Chambers’ Matt Stanbury:

One Cambridge law lecturer wasn’t sure the social media campaign was all that appropriate:

While another tweeter simply used the hashtag to have a go at Truss:

Oh dear, but the MoJ isn’t the only butt of lawyers’ jokes this week. The CPS has launched #DiscoverCPS, which hopes to teach tweeters about the work prosecutors do using an A-Z format. Yesterday’s letter was A for advocates, while today is B for bad character. A nice sentiment, but solicitor Tim Burrows had other ideas:

So too did this barrister:

Prosecution and defence specialist Kim Evans also threw in her two cents:

Lawyers are already beginning to speculate what tomorrow’s word, beginning with C, will be:

We are glued to our screens.

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Hashtag hilarity as Katie King tries, and fails, to write serious legal articles.



Why do you come here?



Sorry Katie, we’ll let you get back to Twitter now.


Ciaran Goggins

Give the kid a break.


Mrs Peacock

@12 noon.
Because it’s so delightfully appalling.



anyone who uses twitter is a certified bellend


Ciaran Goggins

Gab is where it is at.



Hannah Quirk is a lecturer at Manchester not Cambridge. It even says so on her Twitter bio… Glad to see Legal Cheeks rigorous research standards are being applied as normal.


Iami Rastafari of Counsel

Dun diss Ms. King bredrin. Nuh need fo be personal. Diss di article an nuh di writer. Di twitterati nuh know di ad homini, coz di twitterati be di illiterati. And di illiterati be di commentary on dis hashtag hilarity



LC Journalism 101:

Sit in an office. Go on the following websites and try to find something controversial to turn into ‘content’ with no external spend:

– Above The Law
– Twitter “personalities”
– Law Gazette

Then either reword the articles from other websites or cobble together something linking the different 140-character tweets.


I want to be a woman



‘Twitterati’…. please stop using this “word”, please please please. It is incredibly juvenile and cringe-worthy. Along with the fetishist obsession with Lady Hale.



Don’t forget the fresh baron of promissory estoppel — aka homeboy Denning. There’s him, too.


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