More people want to date lawyers than any other profession

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Two have been named most-wanted singles in London

Lawyers have come out on top in the list of most desirable professions to date, research by hook-up app Happn has revealed.

With lawyers winning the battle for “top crushed job” for both women and men in the United States, the research also shows which professions narrowly missed out on the coveted prize. For women, the answer was designer, teacher, marketer and physician. For men, it was analyst, engineer, salesman and doctor.

This news comes shortly after Happn revealed its 18 most-wanted singles in London and — guess what — two lawyers feature. Fighting off competition from the other 800,000 Londoners who use the app, 31-year-old Mishcon de Reya junior associate Tom Phillips and 33-year-old financial adjudicator Benjamin Howell came in ninth and 15th place respectively.

Tom Phillips (left) and Benjamin Howell (right)

The online dating world’s love affair with solicitors and barristers is well-documented. Back in September 2016, Tinder announced that lawyers were the most right-swiped profession for men on its popular dating app. For women, lawyers came in in sixth place, the top spot going to teachers.


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Hmm, let me get this straight. So, disregarding homosexuals…

Women fancy engineers and analysts, whereas men fancy marketers and teachers.

Coincidentally we live in society where men gravitate towards jobs such as engineer and analyst, whereas women gravitate to jobs as teachers and marketers.

How strange. I wonder if part of the reason that men gravitate to technical, high-earning jobs is that this makes them more attractive to women, and part of the reason that women gravitate to more social, people-person jobs is that this makes them more attractive to men.

Oh, no wait – I forgot. Men and women are the same and all differences in the job market are due to sexism.



You’re really an ass, aren’t you.



So’s your mum.



Omg! Someone has commandeered my handle. I officially feel famous. This must be how Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Not Amused feel.


Jones Day Partner

Welcome to the club QTPi

Jones Day Equity.Partner

First rule about the club is we DON’T talk about it.

Disciplinary tomorrow lunchtime, bring the paddle. The safety word is De Keyser


This isn’t me. I hate celebrities.


Perhaps. But better a witty fool than a foolish wit.



I mention the fact that I am a lawyer on my Tinder profile. It works – I have banged a lot of chicks. A lot.


EU banana straightener

a) that statement requires women to take responsibility for their own actions and is thus anti-feminist; and
b) that statement contains logic and is thus anti feminist.



I’m a lawyer.. no one finds me attractive.. 😯


Alex Farter-Silk

I would strongly advise against telling a lawyer you find her attractive … it can get you into all sorts of trouble.


Mr Carter-Silk

What about if they have a stunning picture?


Alex Farter-Silk

I would go for it. you can always say you were talking about the quality of the picture rather than the subject if she kicks off about it.



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Marketing Assistant, 21

He whispers references to statute and recites case law as his luscious legal lips linger near my ever listening ear. I swoon.



Then he whispers “Clapham Omnibus” and my heart says ‘yus!’.


Mr Dapper

The pre-tied bow tie speaks for itself!



Dating a lawyer makes me feel like im in court. ..
Anything you say can be used against you 😐😂


T. Bowden

Is this news? Never realised Legal Cheek was owned by Rupert Murdoch. Sooner or later we will see; ‘Record number of page 3 girls are doing the LPC’. Ridiculous.



Your mistake is thinking that Legal Cheek is a news website…


Bowden T.

From the About section of the Legal Cheek website; ‘Legal news’. Fucking retard


Bowden T.

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Funny that people want to “date” lawyers but not marry /long term relationship/ introduce to family. …



So none of the baggage….I don’t see the problem here



KK is really on one with her usual isn’t she.



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F**king a lawyer is all well and dandy, but they’re often too pedantic and sanctimonious to have an LTR with.



Why are you talking about Leave to Remain? LTR is a very serious area of immigration.



Honestly why is it Katie who always posts this nonesense? She obviously isn’t trying to smash gender stereotyping with all these, glamour model lawyers, dating and other nonesense.


Bowden T.

Katie is a briefcase wanker.


Bowden T.

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