Procrastination pain: Keele University law student’s video about wasting precious revision time goes viral

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350,000 views and counting

A final year law student at Keele University has made a film about one of the most relatable topics around: wasting time procrastinating instead of studying. So relatable in fact, the video has racked up over 350,000 views.

The two-minute clip, embedded below, follows Adam Mawardi, an aspiring lawyer who struggles to get through a Monday morning deadline day.

After changing locations a total of three times, LLB-er Mawardi, his Mac laptop and stationery finally get comfy in the library, but the pull of social media proves too powerful.

An Instagram and Snapchat splurge later, Mawardi — who can be seen surrounded by tort law textbooks in the video — is faced with further concentration-testing challenges.

He spends some time meditating, stretching and taking a trip to the vending machine, after which you’d think Keele legal research assistant and digital ambassador Mawardi would be ready to crack on with his work. You’d be wrong.

Suddenly, however, after an impromptu trip to the coffee shop Mawardi miraculously manages to curb his wasting time tactics and his essay word count shoots up.

Freedom, he thinks, but not before he wakes up and realises he’s fallen asleep in the library and his word count is still a big fat zero. “Stop wasting time”, a post-it note in the video’s final screen ends.

The piece has had a great reception, as can be seen from its 2,000 shares and 6,000 likes. One Facebook user noted they’d “never seen anything so accurate”; another said: “I haven’t seen anything I can relate to as much as this video”.

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Does not know Katie King

I’ll watch this later


B. A. Balls, Barrister

Let’s be brutally honest about this video – it screams: “I’m a f–king law student! WHOO!”

People wanting to and pretending to be white.

That is all



Pretending to be white?? Who writes a comment like that?, that says a lot about you B. A. Balls, Barrister.



Cue snobby comments about Keele uni



Isn’t that where Charlotte Proudperson did her undergrad?



Wow, I was expecting derogatory comments about poor old Keele, but nothing that mean.



Proudman, but yes it was hahah.


Not AmUsed

…that’s the joke


Uni Snob

Well the material writes itself really….



What’s Keele? Is it that green lettucey stuff you eat?



My way of dealing with procrastination with assignments was to write a plan and introduction ASAP, then it seemed less of a mountain to climb.



Adam Mawardi might remain an “aspiring lawyer” all of his life by studying law at Keele University. But then again, some guy from the Unviersity of Westminster with significant experience working at Boots is now a high-flying associate at Clifford Chance…



If Adam “struggles to get through a Monday morning deadline day” at university, then how will he cope with the real pressured deadlines that all lawyers face in their careers? This, coupled with the fact that he is studying at Keele University clearly give a sense that he does not have what it takes to be a lawyer. Harsh maybe, but realistic.



Oh, sod off. You are just another pretentious, self-loving individual who thinks he is a Mr or Ms can do it all. I have been there and done that and most of the so-called ‘billable hours’ are wasted on irrelevant conversations, coffee breaks, lunches etc.


Jones Day Receptionist

Keele? Jajaja even Queen Mary in Tower Hamlets is better. Quit your degree and get yourself a minimum wage job.


Keele Graduate

To all those belittling a Keele education:

I studied at Keele. I’m a trainee solicitor, currently enjoying a seat in commercial property.

So in your face! 😀






I went to Keele, did ok, now in Dispute Resolution at a Top 50.



I went to Keele and also have a TC at a City firm. It sadly has a bad rep because it has become a clearing Uni in the past 10 years


Yeah baby

I went to Keele got a nice shiny training contract in London so I can’t complain.


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