Grateful grad: Bangor student collects first class law degree following successful fundraising appeal

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Tuition fee debt had prevented the wannabe lawyer from graduating

Akorede Samuel Omotay pictured outside Bangor University with his degree certificate

A cash-strapped international law student has now graduated after members of the public clubbed together to help clear his university debts.

Akorede Samuel Omotayo, who recently completed his LLB at Bangor Law School, was unable to attend his graduation ceremony last month because he still owed the Welsh university £3,525 in fees. Refusing to admit defeat, the young Nigerian-born wannabe lawyer, like many before him, turned to crowdfunding in the hope of raising the much-needed cash.

Now, just a month after his GoFundMe page went live, Legal Cheek can reveal that Omotayo has cleared his debts with Bangor and officially graduated. “Delighted” to finally get hold of his degree certificate, he told us:

I would like to thank everyone for their donations and support and I hope I can help others achieve their goals as you have done for me. And a special thanks to Legal Cheek for sharing my story.

Prior to hitting his target, the Legal Cheek Journal contributor revealed that he had two masters degree offers, both of which were dependant on him producing his undergraduate degree certificate. He had one offer from Renmin University of China on a full scholarship, and one from Newcastle University on a partial scholarship.

So with his degree certificate now safely in his possession, has he made a decision? He told us:

I have decided to take up the scholarship offer from Renmin University of China — as this helps me understand the law in an emerging economy and will hopefully prepare me to address human developmental issues at a global level.

It’s probably fair to say Omotayo hasn’t had the easiest start to his legal life.

His fundraising page revealed that he spent three months between late 2015 and early 2016 working as a toilet attendant at Bangor’s Peep Night Club. This helped him raise £1,000 towards City law firm events and internships at the likes of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Simmons & Simmons and Reed Smith. Moreover, in an attempt to clear his debts he worked various jobs including stints in a warehouse, a nursing home and a food factory.

Watch Legal Cheek’s Katie King and Tom Connelly discuss crowdfunding law school fees:

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He’s had a rough time in merry olde England and China is the future. Best of luck.



Bangor is in Wales.



Congratulations! Well done!


Meat fan

I didn’t know you could go to a university named after a sausage.


Professor of law, University of Cumberland

Indeed you can.

Would you be interested in enrolling on our masters programme?


Meat fan

Sausage enrolling?







What mean that?



Best of luck to him. I hope this time round he can actually afford the next degree he intends to start.



He has a full scholarship, so think he’ll manage.




I’d like to not work for a year, but then I’d work to get the money to do that first….. especially when whatever happens on the Masters, he’ll still need to do another qualification to actually qualify.



Is English your first language?



Do you choke yourself every time you put on the latex suit?


Batman costume, orange, dressing-gown cord, hook in the wall: owner

No, I wear a batman costume and bite an orange like that MP..



Blood orange?


Above who cba to type out the moniker

What am I, made of money!?


Crowdfund it.


Good for him. Congrats



Since when was begging an admirable thing to do? Begging for other people to pay your debt, how appalling.

Why didn’t he a) wait a year and work to save up the money he needed for his expenditure requirements or b) do more jobs whilst studying and earn more money or c) cut his coat to suit his cloth.

There’s no congratulations about sponging off others to pay for your lifestyle.



Quieten down Tarquin or I’ll cut your allowance



So many of people who criticise here are beneficiaries of white privileged and should recognise that.



Is that you Samuel? Didn’t see you complaining when you were being given the money by those same people.



I wrote the post you are responding to. What white privilege are you saying I benefitted from that Omotayo didn’t exactly?



Law in an emerging economy and human developmental issues…in China. Hmm. This brought to mind Russell Brand’s observation in his Messiah Complex stand up act when he toured GB in 2013/14…
That the factory which assembled a well known brand of phone and tablet had to erect high fencing to stop the workers committing suicide, because suicide was becoming commonplace.
I see Akorede has had work experience at the sort of City and US law firms who would like such a brand to instruct them for corporate, property and litigation work…if you are reading this Akorede, please can you tell us what you hope to achieve in China, now it is 2017 rather than 2014 ?

Kind regards



No answer, came the reply.


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