8 things you’ll only understand if you study law at King’s College London

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Big up James Lee

With freshers’ week well underway, one King’s College London student shares eight things you’ll only understand if you study law at the prestigious London university.

1. Somerset House is not where it’s at

As much as the university advertises Somerset House as the home of the law school, you’ll be lucky to have even one tutorial there in first year. It’s much more likely you’ll find yourself at the Waterloo campus fighting it out with the business and computer science students for room.

2. Dave from reception is the one

The Dickson Poon School of Law would crumble without him.

3. The Strand is not easy to navigate

When you finally do have classes on the Strand, you will need to dedicate an extra half an hour each day to trying to find your way around the King’s Building, the Strand Building and the Somerset House East Wing.

4. Curly fries at Waterfront are the cure for all your tutorial woes

They are the best.

5. Sneaking into the East Wing from the side gate that connects it to Somerset House is always an undeniable thrill

Reliving your wild youth.

6. Willie’s with its Fat Boys is quite possibly the best thing within the law building

And it’s a good place to get free coffee for when you need that caffeine hit before lectures.

7. You secretly love the Maughan Library

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Okay so it is the star of all your exam nightmares, but you secretly love the fact that you have the prettiest library of all the London unis. And it’s so Instagram-able.

8. James Lee is an absolute legend


The director of undergrad admissions starred in the law school’s Justin Timberlake sing-a-long and redesigned his reading lists as clickbait headlines. What more could you want?

Aakanksha Sinha is a law student at King’s College London.

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Wow, LC! How did you know that your readership was composed exclusively from this dumping ground for posh people who weren’t smart enough to get into Oxbridge?



Everyone at Kings secretly wishes they were at UCL and LSE

And everyone at UCL and LSE wishes they were at Oxbridge





US firm trainee

No. UCL was always my first and only choice you muppet.



I know who you are


*Potential* US firm trainee

above comment was MINE


Lamey McLameLame

This is a new low.



You missed the inevitable sinking feeling upon realising that you attend the fourth best university in London.


life observer

What a pointless article! Why discuss such things? Who cares?



You must be new here.



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1, 3, 4, 7 apply to all KCL students, and generally (minus the curly fries) those points only apply while you’re a fresher. 6 weeks in, none of it matters. The rest of the points are really dull.



Strand Poly



I walk down the Strand with my “CO*K” in my hand and wave it at Kings as I pass



I’m honestly shocked… that this drivel didn’t come from Katie King.



KK is busy writing a fashion article. Actually, she has finished her fashion article. She just needs to find a tentative way to link it to law.



She’s busy putting circles of shame on pictures of Baroness Hale.



I didn’t go to KCL but I can completely understand each of these 8 things. Misleading.



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I read this article and ended up shitting whatever was left of my brains out.

I’m planning on suing LC for my injuriez.


Jones Day Partner



Jones Day partner



The Strand Building is Ugly

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