Manchester County Court just heard a case called Donoghue v Stevens

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Unfortunately it didn’t involve a snail or ginger beer

EXCLUSIVE: There was stifled laughter all round at Manchester County Court this morning when the case of Donoghue v Stevens appeared on the hearing list.

Unfortunately, the case — which is of course very similar in name to the 1932 tort law classic, Donoghue v Stevenson — has nothing to do with a snail or ginger beer, and actually involves a road traffic accident.

Manchester County Court’s hearing list shows that Donoghue v Stevens was heard at 10am this morning before District Judge Davies.

This isn’t the first time Donoghue v Stevenson has been given a modern twist.

Earlier this year, Legal Cheek reported that an Australian woman called Donna had discovered a dead lizard in a bottle of beer. Speaking at the time, Donna said she felt “really sick” when she saw the lizard and had lost around two kilograms in body weight following the ordeal.

The original case saw Mrs Donoghue sue ginger beer manufacturer Mr Stevenson after she discovered a decomposing snail in her bottle of ginger beer. The House of Lords’ decision in the case established the civil law tort of negligence.

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Slow news day.



Rather sluggish indeed



Contender for most rubbish story ever



GDL hard on



This is Donoghue v Stevens.

That was Donoghue v Stevenson. Didn’t pay attention in Law school did you?



I’m pleased you think law school went well for you, but I worry you might need to focus on your basic reading and comprehension skills.



Obviously Tom didn’t pay attention at Law School which is why he is at LC now.






Ooh me

Me got snail phobia and shat me pantzzz!!!!!!


Corbyn. Symphathiser

I can’t imagine finding a snail in my ginger beer. I think I’d be shellshocked.



So. Fucking. What.



Bless. He’s added the Legal Cheek watermark to the court document thinking someone might want to steal this story. Don’t worry, I think The Times and other publications have other stories to chase.



Not sure if this is supposed to be funny. Trying a bit too hard with this one Tommy.


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