Battle of the baubles: The official Legal Cheek law Xmas tree round-up ๐ŸŽ„

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Everything from a grand grotto scene to an upcycled milk carton tree

It’s that time of year again when lawyers, embracing the holiday spirit, dust off their baubles, arrange their tinsel and turn their normally pristine reception areas into winter wonderlands. In honour of this time-old tradition, Legal Cheek has compiled a round-up of this year’s best legal profession Christmas trees.


Image credit: Twitter (@LinklatersGrads)

Superb effort from Linklaters this year. Good-sized tree, colour-coordinated decorations and not a shred of tacky tinsel.

Allen & Overy

Image credit: Snapchat (Allen & Overy)

A giant tree for a giant firm. Allen & Overy’s bauble-ladened labour of love is bound to get any hardworking magic circle lawyer in the festive spirit.

Slaughter and May

Not satisfied with just one tree, elite magic circle player Slaughter and May has, like in previous years, brought an entire Christmas forest into the reception area of its Bunhill Row office.

Middle Temple

Image credit: Instagram (@nialljohnhearty)

Short photographer or huge tree? Impressive baubles all the same.

Reed Smith

A classy looking tree from the lawyers over at Reed Smith. Legal Cheek can only imagine the effort it took to get the six-foot plus spruce up to the firm’s office, located at the very top of Broadgate Tower.

Hogan Lovells

Image credit: Instagram (@scribble_girl_)

An absolute monster of a tree courtesy of Hogan Lovells. Rumour has it that three winter vac schemers are still lost among its branches.

The Law Society of England and Wales

Image credit: Twitter (@LSlawlibrary )

A Christmas treat for the eyes. But will there be goodies or just a lump of coal in the Law Society’s stocking this year?


Image credit: Twitter (@CMSUK_Graduates)

Fresh from its three-way merger with Nabarro and Olswang, CMS has really pushed the boat out this year. Not content with just one tree, the City outfit has created a Christmas forest with snow and reindeer.

Mishcon de Reya

Image credit: Instagram (@mariafiorito_maryflower)

Another giant tree, this time courtesy of Mishcon de Reya. Legal Cheek particularly likes the symmetry and bauble distribution.


Image credit: Twitter (@hardwickelaw)

Hardwicke’s candy cane-covered tree is a great way to keep its barristers’ energy levels up. It would also appear that at least one of Santa’s elves has resorted to using Royal Mail.


This stylish looking tree can be found in the lobby of RPC’s London office. Can you spot the pair of ice skates?


Image credit: (@ToonLawyer)

Hats off to North East firm Muckle for thinking outside the box (or should that be inside the fridge). Yes, those are milk cartons.


Image credit: Instagram (@caroline1980clark)

OMG, PwC has its own model railway!

Inner Temple

Image credit: Twitter (@inner_temple)

Not to be outdone, Inner Temple Library teased us with this close-up shot of its tree. Extra points for personalised decorations.

Eversheds Sutherland

A nice homely look to this tree located on Eversheds Sutherland’s plush client floor.

St Philips Chambers

Image credit: Twitter (@stphilips)

St Philips is a very big chambers, with a very big tree (and what appears to be a very big advent calendar). The baubles are massive too.

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Linklaters – stunning photo.


Crumbel of

On the topic of the adjacent article, comments upon which are now closed, I wonder if any of your correspondents could assist me?

A few years ago I was awaiting my train at a remote railway station in the West Country, having completed my day in Court.

A rumble in my stomach indicated a hunger pang, so I set about seeking refreshment. Before long I laid eyes on a coin-operated โ€œSelectaโ€ coil vending machine containing all manner of confectionary delights.

Having examined the merchandise on offer, I proceeded to insert monies to the value of one pound sterling, the majority of the confections therein being priced thus.

I then entered a code into the keypad which corresponded with the chocolate bar which best took my fancy.

It was therefore my good fortune to discover that not one, but two such items were vended by said machine. I consumed both, with gusto.

With hindsight I now realise that the above course of action was an act of dishonesty, and that I should instead have contacted the vending company and sought their advice on how to return their rightful property, the excess bar.

I would be most grateful for advice on how to self-refer to the Bar Standards Board for this momentary moral aberration, and the likely consequences for my career and future flowing therefrom.



Send ยฃ1 back to the vending company and keep schtum!



I saw a rival barrister buying a KFC for his client recently.

Should I shop him to the BSB?

Does the BSB offer financial rewards for whistle-blowers?



Bravo Muckle…


Sarah Robson

CMS is beautiful. Well done!



CMS – this is where the money from increased prices at Cannons is going!



Nah, there is no saving. The increase is because Nabarro and/or Olswang partners didn’t want to cough up the subsidy. I am surprised you didn’t know that already, there has been plenty of talk and bad feeling about it within the firm.



That sounds really cheap of them. Not great behaviour when you are trying to create a good impression.


Nick Leeson

Cannons should be awarded a michelin star.



some of these are awful and so tacky! the best is surely Middle Temple’s tree



Middle and Inner are the only two with any taste or class.

Those firms’ trees! Solicitors really are vulgar folk.



Whilst I will admit to the vulgarity of solicitors generally, you have to concede that the Mishcon tree is well coordinated and classy.


Phillip Phagarty-Whetpance

Christmas Twee!



This is a poor effort in like with your related fails with this profile over the past week.


Phillip Phagharty-Whetpance

Youโ€™re just victimising me!

I bet all the down-ratings are all you!!!


Scary Santa from โ€œA Christmas Storyโ€

HO HO HO!!!!!!


Phillip Faggotty-Wetpants

*screams and cries like a girl*



Sexist pig!



‘Legal Cheek can only imagine the effort it took to get the six-foot plus spruce up to the firmโ€™s office, located at the very top of Broadgate Tower’

Do they not have lifts in Broadgate Tower?



Of course they do.

But of course you cannot put trees in them lol.


Irwin Mitchell Slave

We just have a burnt shell of a tree – in fact, I don’t even think it was originally a tree, just some 2 by four that the janitor knocked together.. The nails are still sticking out..

The partners have tried to be a bit festive at least by hanging firm labelled letterhead (coffee stained) and also a few of the thought-to-be confidential trainee appraisals..



Allen & Overy rejected me so it’s a no from me!



Davis Polk didn’t buy us anything this year

The corner of the office where the tree should go is dark and dusty

Reminds me of having to stay at boarding school over the holidays as a kid

*shakes head*

No sorry something happened to me WHO NEEDS CHRISTMAS TREES HAHA all you need is a BILLING TREE



The fuck’s a Muckle?


๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Terance and Philip ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

๐ŸŽผ Shut your f***ing face Muckle-f***er!๐ŸŽถ



They are so achingly different its hilarious.



Slow news week? Like every week though.

Also the comments by you underneath each tree read as if you were selling them in Argos catalogue in the 90โ€™s.


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