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We look back at 2017’s top legal goings-on — but how much do you remember?

Well, as another action-packed legal affairs-filled year draws to a close, we look back at some of 2017’s more eye-catching stories. So take a break from revision, step away from that mince pie, and put your knowledge to the test with Legal Cheek’s big fat quiz of the year.


At the start of the year, Judge Patricia Lynch QC was cleared of misconduct by the judicial watchdog. But what had she done that had been the subject of the complaint?

a) Responding to an abusive defendant, she said: “You are a bit of a c***.”
b) She flicked the v-sign at a jury member.
c) She forgot to bring her wig to court.
d) She used a gavel.


A Cambridge law student hit headlines in February after being filmed appearing to do what?

a) Shredding his law books.
b) Running naked around Cambridge.
c) Diving off a bridge into the River Cam.
d) Attempting to burn a £20 note in front of a homeless man.


Earlier this year Hill Dickinson’s Liverpool office was targeted by vandals. What did they do?

a) Spray painted “FUCK LAWYERS!” near the building’s main entrance.
b) Sprayed the entrance with horse manure.
c) Threw an equity book through the window, causing it to smash.
d) All of the above.


In April, Aidan Wiltshire appeared in court for sentencing after he stalked a former DLA Piper lawyer. But what about his case caught the attention of the media?

a) He wore a onesie to court.
b) He was allowed to bring his cat into court.
c) He was dressed as a killer clown.
d) He was allowed to bring his parrot into court.


A Bond Dickinson paralegal went viral this year after attending a horse riding event — but why?

a) She won the dressage competition.
b) She held up a sign stating she was looking for a training contract.
c) She was wearing the same yellow puffer jacket as 16 other people.
d) She was dressed as a horse.


In June, Simon Spence QC upset solicitors after he appeared to liken them to what?

a) Mini-pupils.
b) Paralegals.
c) Miners.
d) Postmen.


A Nottingham Trent University law lecturer created what to make land law more interesting for his students?

a) A land law-themed Monopoly board.
b) A Pokémon Go-inspired game.
c) A treasure hunt.
d) A special land law cake.


Earlier this summer, City outfit Travers Smith adopted…

a) A more causal dresscode for its lawyers.
b) A dog called Travers.
c) A more formal dresscode for its lawyers.
d) A cat called Smith.


What unusual career did Ella Hughes quit law school to pursue?

a) Horse whisperer.
b) Porn star.
c) Stunt woman.
d) Lady Gaga tribute act.


Sir Ian Burnett became the new Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales this year. But what, according to Master of the Rolls Sir Terence Etherton, is Burnett’s nickname?

a) ‘Ian of Essex’ — due to him residing in the county of Essex.
b) ‘Rapper IB’ — due to his love of grime music.
c) ‘The Big B’ — a name he was given by friends at university.
d) ‘Hungry Hippo’ — because of his massive appetite.


A Birmingham law student reportedly spent £40 this year getting what tattooed on his leg?

a) Lady Hale’s face.
b) A gavel emoji.
c) A bottle of VK.
d) A snail and a bottle of ginger beer.


Which ‘legal personality’ won I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! this year?

a) Not Amused.
b) Gina Miller.
c) Former Westminster law student Georgia Toffolo.
d) Ex-Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger.

The answers can be found here.

Happy Christmas from the Legal Cheek team! Big thank you for reading and commenting, and we’ll see you in the New Year.

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