Twitter explodes with inspirational #mypathtolaw stories

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And some that aren’t so inspirational

Legal Twitter is bursting at the seams with tales of lawyers’ unique routes into the profession.

Using the hashtag #mypathtolaw, solicitors, barristers and academics revealed details of how they overcame obstacles and battled against the odds to bag their dream career in law. Examples fired off over the weekend included disappointing A-levels, poor finances and family bereavements.

Despite only really gaining momentum over the past few days, Legal Cheek traced the social media movement back as far as 9 January. The first use of the hashtag was courtesy of the University of Exeter’s Matthew Channon, who was working on the Pathways to Law social mobility programme. The law lecturer tweeted:

Now, more than two weeks later, the legal Twitterati has finally caught up with Channon, sharing similar tales of ascent through the profession:

Others adopted a perhaps less inspirational (but, nonetheless, still honest) approach to the hashtag trend:

While The Secret Barrister, in true anonymous advocate and legal blogger style, resisted the urge to reveal his true identity and kept his route into the profession suitably vague:

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