This Westminster law student has THREE MILLION Instagram followers

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Most followed law student in the country to forsake full-time modelling career for legal academia

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A model who has been called ‘the Brooke Shields of Kuwait’ by Vogue magazine and has close to three million Instagram followers is also a law student at the University of Westminster. She’s spoken to Legal Cheek about her hopes to become a legal academic.

Rawan Bin Hussain’s LinkedIn profile states she’s the beauty editor for Velvet Magazine, and that she’s collaborated with the likes of Gucci, Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline, Lancome and Make Up Forever. But, when she’s not being papped in beauty shoots or racking up tens of thousands of likes on her crazy popular Instagram photos, Kuwait-born Hussain harbours hopes to become a law teacher. She explains:

“After my masters, I will be doing my PhD in criminalising terrorism as it’s a very sensitive area and there are no official international agreements or laws that criminalise terrorism. So that would be a very interesting area to explore.”

With a huge following and a range of fashion experience under her belt, why is Hussain punting for a career in law?

She tells us: “I love teaching. And because I love law, I want to teach law to other students.” And she means it; Hussain tells Legal Cheek she could’ve moved back to the Middle East to work in fashion, but would rather stay in London and finish law school. As for her abundance of modelling posts, she says:

“A little bit of fashion and beauty doesn’t hurt anybody.”

Hussain, whose Instagram handle is simply her first name and whose Twitter account has 60,000 followers, is in the second year of her LLB at the London university. She joined Westminster in 2016 having studied an international foundation programme in law at King’s College London. Alongside studying for modules including sports law, she’s also working towards gaining her private pilot license from the Oxford Aviation Academy.

Her Instagram page, which is verified and jam-packed with fashion pics, features shots of the 21-year-old studying (or pretending to study):

Brb, I’m pretending to study 📖 #london #unitedkingdom

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Legal Cheek is content to crown Hussain — whose net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million (£705,000) according to one source — the most followed law student in the country. This title had previously been held by Saffron Sheriff, a then Lancaster University law student who now studies at BPP Law School. Sheriff is a fitness model who has an Instagram fan base of more than 50,000.

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There are plenty of other aspiring lawyers out there flashing their Instagram credentials. Take Alex Buckley, for example, a trainee solicitor at Clifford Chance whose fitness account has just shy of 55,000 followers.

But it’s not all about the photo-sharing site. Beauty blogger Katherine Baker, a Durham Law School student and future trainee solicitor at Fried Frank, has nearly 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. Then there’s Coleen Mensa, whose passion for vlogging helped her score a hat-trick of training contract offers. She’s now a future solicitor at accountancy behemoth EY.

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Big Dolla

Where’s that ‘THICCCC’ PEPE or whatever his name is? We need you now more than ever.



“…there are no official international agreements or laws that criminalise terrorism.”

Should be a groundbreaking PhD so.



“there are no official international agreements or laws that criminalise terrorism”

If she’s not aware of eg the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, she might consider sticking to Insta.






There was a ‘Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism’ tabled, but it has been in a stalemate for over two decades. The difficulty arises from differing interpretations of what constitutes terrorism. We can barely reach agreement on domestic matters in our country, so seeking to international agreement is night on impossible.

The above did lead to a number of splintered international treaties, including the one you have mentioned. I suppose the problem is that the ‘International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism’ (now the ‘Terrorist Financing Convention’) only specifically criminalises the financing of terrorism, not the broader act of terrorism itself. Other international laws relating to terrorism are also hyper-specific, such as relating to nuclear terrorism or terrorist bombings. Again, the argument for many is that they do not go far enough.



*nigh on impossible




A quick google search reveals lots of other people have written about this already…



She’s only in the 2nd year of her under-grad, yet she has already assumed she will romp through this, a Masters and then a PhD.

Another quite deluded and narcissistic person.

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Yes, lovely eyes.



I agree



Dude, she’s obviously loaded. LSE will happily throw official post-nominals at her, and I doubt they’d even make her step on campus if she asks nicely (£££). Worked for the Gaddafi family.



mate she’s only worth like $1m max what are you on about

LSE won’t even get out of bed for someone worth less than 30


Hugo van der Meer

Indeed…is there any proof relating to how much this aspiring barrister knows about the law? Rather than ‘pretending to study’ perhaps actual study would be helpful…no.



exactly my point but then how is she passing without studying and how does she expect to go for masters and phd if she doesnt do well 😞😞😞



Private tuition … and lots of it?



My other half is much better looking. Both face and body. She is smarter too. But she doesn’t have 3 million followers.






Cash me outside



How about dah



The sealion slowly approached the shore. The water was cold. A little like that sealion’s heart. The sealion had just committed a horrendous act. The sealion killed it’s sister while out at sea, unbeknownst to friends and family back onshore. The sealion will tell the other sealions that the sister fell ill and couldn’t make it back to shore. If only they knew the truth. This sealion will kill again and everybody is in danger. How many more will the sealion kill before it is brought to mob justice?

Lesson? Trust nobody, or you might just end up dead at the bottom of the sea.



Odds on her following through these plans instead of taking the easy route?



“Law student at the University of Westminster”
“There are no official international agreements or laws that criminalise terrorism”

Goodbye TC in the City of London, hello TC in Sunderland



I think she could take a run at Jones Day, no?



Too haram even for her



Jones Day would have been an ideal fit if not for her eyebrows


Mr Gilbert

Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln



I’m starting to like law more






Great article Katie x



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Decided to peruse the insta… two surprises:

1) For an insta “model” or internet socialite or whatever you wanna call it, her profile is incredibly tasteful. No lace or sheer tops to show off a cliche nip piercing and/or booty in an impossibly thin g-string/”cheeky” bikini bottom on the beach shots.

2) She maintains appropriate trigger discipline at the range. Keep up the good work!

Hopefully the studies go well. Jealous of the ambition to become a legal academic. The real world sucks, but my student loans don’t care much for university salaries.



You can show your body without being a “slag”. Women should feel empowered and not feel the need to cover themselves up out of fear of being called such words.



You’re right! Just because some proudly show off their bodies in very public forums doesn’t necessarily mean they’re promiscuous. It does mean that they’re uber trashy attention seekers though. Same thing goes for the lads with shitty sleeve tattoos that walk around town all summer with no shirts on.

There’s a reason why more civilized restaurants have a clear “no shirt no shoes no service” policy.

Look at this lovely law student! She’s managed to gain everyone’s attention without every second post risking (or showing) a nip slip. Pure class.


Lightning Strike

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



I listened to Rawan snap about legal issues before and she provided some incredible insight. You can tell she is proud of being a law student and how much she is passionate about it. she cares deeply about social justice and I believe she will make a greate lawyer one day



All she care is about her looks and the likes she gets. I know her personally



lol if thats all she cares about then how did she pass to her 2nd year? 🤔🤔


Hugo van der Meer

That might be a moot point.



I know her personally and can vouch for the fact she is an incredibly motivated, driven and intelligent young woman. She has proved persistently that she can manage a demanding career and her studies at the same time. In regards to some of the comments I have read, it is extremely unfair to judge another persons commitment to their career aspirations without any evidence or grounds for doing so. In relation to international laws criminalising terrorism, in my personal view they are at most, minimal. The area of law is in clear need of development. I wish Rawan all the best with her studies.


Rawan's Mum

*Signed Rawan’s mum.


PE wannabe

P.S. Kirkland > Latham



Goddam shes sexy


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