University says ‘no update’ on investigation into racism at Exeter Law School, one month after vile messages were made public

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Five law students suspended after their WhatsApp conversations posted online

There have been no updates from the University of Exeter about the status of its investigation into racism at its law school, exactly one month since Legal Cheek reported on the scandal.

Vile WhatsApp messages sent between law students on a group chat were outed by final year Arsalan Motavali when he posted them to Facebook last month. The messages included racist slurs such as: “dirty arab” and “bomb the mosques”.

One of the students involved had received a training contract offer from Hill Dickinson, which was swiftly revoked by the firm. Another had been the brand ambassador for City outfit RPC; it too cut ties with the student immediately.

Though the university suspended the students involved within hours of the messages coming to light and launched an investigation, Legal Cheek has been told by an Exeter spokesperson there are no further updates at this time.

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But that’s not to say all has fallen silent since the WhatsApp messages were shared with the world.

Just days after Motavali’s post was made, an anti-racism protest took place on Exeter’s Streatham campus. Organised in just two days, an estimated 300 students attended the rally, bringing with them all manner of placards.

A student at the anti-racism rally. Image credit: Facebook @ExeterUnmask

As for the five students suspended in the racism row, Legal Cheek understands just one, Matthew Bell, has issued an apology. He said:

“I will not attempt to excuse and deny any of the statements I have made. The comments, which I shall not repeat, are inexcusable and undeniably wrong. I would like to make it publicly known that I do not honestly believe any of the things I have said.”

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Tarquan from Exetah

Hah hah, they win, you lose.

Lad lad rah rah!



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Tax the descendants of slave owners to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves!



Like Bendydick Cumpatch


W Kovacs

Even more suspicious than the absence of a comment section in the ‘Two for £400 Conference Tickets article’


Mrs. Doubtfire

Hello Kovacs!



Just kick them all out of University permanently, simple. They will learn their lesson and it would serve as a deterrent for other c*nts who share similar values and mindsets



There is generally more concern in the West about racist messages between students in a private chat log than there is about white farmers being raped and murdered by blacks in South Africa.



England is more concerned about things happening in….England?? No! Shocking!


Libeturd Leftie

False Equivalency… and you know it. One has nothing to do with the other. That young men just starting a journey on Legal Education would feel so comfortable to spew such strident views under the cover of anonymity is alarming

And they are not alone, a fraternity at Syracuse University has been sanctioned for similar antics. Why are these young men so TRIGGERED and who is helping to shape their perspective?

To try and shape this to pit one abhorrent act against the other in some sort of Racial Hunger Games is pitiful and disingenuous… you Sir should be ashamed.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

Trumpenkrieg is an actual Nazi and (by sheer coincidence, I’m sure) the single most dimwitted poster on LC. He isn’t ashamed to be racist.


s.32 Salmon Act 1986

A bit rich for a Corbyn supporter to accuse others of adhering to antisemitic ideology.


Corbyn. Sympathiser

No, it isn’t.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

A brief Googling shows that black farm workers are at least as much at risk, if not moreso, than white farm workers when it comes to violence in South Africa. Further, an Afrikaner civil rights group agrees that farm-related violence in South Africa is related to a broader problem of violent crime in the country and is not racially motivated.

You see what you can learn when you don’t dismiss the act of reading as a degenerate Marxist plot?


Not. Guiltay.



Corbyn. Symphathiser

Is a) not South Africa, and b) no longer exists.

I again direct you to my recommendations re: reading.


Libeturd Leftie

get a clue, then get a life. #TRIGGERED


Corbyn. Sympathiser

Some advice: google “how to bugger off”. Then execute the instructions.


Libeturd Leftie

Truth be told, I expected nothing less than this buffoonish subterfuge from him (or her)… alas I didn’t have the time to check as I was already late for Court. Thank you for exposing this troll, once again.

I really do feel sorry for him, because he must have a miserable state of existence, all this unwarranted hate at specific groups enveloping and consuming his “soul”.



It’s a symptom of white guilt…lost generation #sad



The first most disgraceful piece of news on LC; the second being the news that LC find it acceptable to charge two tickets for £400 for a naff event



no one cares lol

stop reminding us of yet another nonstory



Agree sitting in the Lasok Law Lib thinking wow…this is still a story?

You haven’t seen the racism in Afro Caribbean Soc yet!

& I’m black which gives me moral superiority right?




The two boys in second year have been expelled, the boy in third year has been allowed to do his exams and the first-year student has been suspended for a year. They are currently appealing.






From them to a friend to me.


Final Year Law @ Exe

I can actually corroborate this for what it’s worth. I’ve spoken to someone who couldn’t be closer to Matt (the guy who lost his TC) and it’s official, he’s unfortunately been expelled along with Alex Crawford. I know Matt is appealing but can’t say about Alex as I don’t know him well.

The vultures have had their way it seems. Don’t get me wrong, the lads’ messages were below the belt but it was all done in the privacy of a group chat. If they had done this publicly they’d deserve nothing less. No free speech to mess around anymore…



They don’t sound that appealing


Ciaran Goggins

No doubt Latisha and Wesley will put in for a compo payment, as with the Windrush lot.



It’s Laetitia and Westley.

Learn to spell!



These comments are disgusting, I am ashamed to be in a university with people who think this is a laughing matter. If they are not permanently excluded I will regard my degree as worthless, how vile. Too much entitlement floating around this place, not enough intelligence



Feel free to realize that regardless if the outcome of this absolutely ridiculous, pearl-clutching nonsense, your degree will still be worthless.



Really? It’s very concerning that you think that RACIST comments are something trivial? Yeah, thank you for proving my point- maybe in your society or in daddy’s mansion those kind of comments will fly and are considered ‘pearl-clutching nonsense’ but I think you’ll find if you try this literally ANYWHERE outside Exetah you will swiftly get put in your place, you certainly won’t be met with the agreement that you’re being given by equally sick people. Hence why people withdrew their applications and we are having the uni’s name dragged through the mud, because people like you cannot function in normal society outside your little bubble and offend everyone else with your ignorance.



Only utter morons propagate a trial by the the media.





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