Exclusive: Ince & Co gives HALF its future trainees £7,000 each to defer training contracts

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Year-long pause

Half of the future Ince & Co trainees due to start in August 2018 have had their training contract start dates pushed back by a year.

The ten aspiring lawyers were asked if they’d voluntarily defer their start dates. The firm then decided, based on future trainees’ personal circumstances and other factors, who should start in 2018 and who should wait 12 months.

A spokesperson told us:

“We are proud of the quality of legal training provided at Ince & Co and over the last two years have retained approximately 90% of the trainees that joined us. To maintain these high standards, we believe that those trainees that are due to join us in August 2018 will benefit from a smaller intake.”

In compensation, the five soon-to-be rookies now starting in August 2019 have been given £7,000 each. First-year trainees at Ince & Co are paid £37,750, rising to £41,800 in second year and £63,250 on qualification, our Firms Most List shows.

The 2018 Firms Most List

This comes at an interesting time for Ince & Co. Last week, we reported the firm plans to make about 35 lawyers and support staff redundant. The firm told us that this would have “no impact” on the number of newly qualified (NQ) positions.

The City middleweight’s decision to defer training contracts is reminiscent of a similar move made by CMS in 2016.

Shortly after it was announced CMS Cameron McKenna would be merging with Nabarro and Olswang, Legal Cheek revealed the City outfit couldn’t accommodate all its future trainees. Twenty-five aspiring lawyers eventually agreed to push back their start dates, which cost the firm £250,000 in compensation.

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Ouch, this is not a good sign.



Firm swirling the bowl.



Ismay: But this ship can’t sink!

Thomas Andrews: She is made of iron, sir. I assure you, she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty



TOP bantz.



Take the cash, go travelling for a year, reapply elsewhere when the ship goes down (like those poor sods at KWM) and get a sympathy hire into a soulless meat grinder.

Find ya’self in Thailand, honey! xoxo


Expat Ed

Sound advice, ladies and gentlemen! Although if I may suggest go to Laos instead of Thailand – £7k will get you more Beer Lao than you can drink in several lifetimes!



Second this, Thailand isn’t bad but the likes of Laos, Cambodia and (arguably) Vietnam are much better places to splash out the £7,000



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



SRA Guidelines – you can’t apply for a TC if you have already accepted an offer.



Fuck the SRA jobsworths, it’s trench warfare out there.



Link to this guideline please.



He means the “Voluntary Code of Recruitment of Trainee Solicitors” issued by the Law Society not the SRA.

As the name suggests, its voluntary and good practice, but not a code of conduct violation giving rise to grounds to complain to the SRA.

Just as well, because we know there is no honour amongst thieves…



for Trainee Solicitors**



guidelines… GUIDElines



No wonder that poor trainee got sacked for “professional standards” a couple months ago. Ship sinking?



No, that’s actually because the trainee was, to quote a mate who still works (poor sod) at Ince, “so utterly incompetent he left people wondering if he’d actually been to law school. He quickly became known in his team as ‘Mike Ross’.”



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



It’s totally irrelevant what “tier” a firm like Ince & Co supposedly is – all City firms, no matter whether it’s A&O or DWF, will require a certain standard, and this lad obviously did not cut the mustard. He was supposedly so shockingly bad that within a few months it became increasingly obvious that he has to go.



I am also keen to hear examples, please provide!



Forget Suits, we need a legal comedy based on this guy by the sounds of it


First DWF’s doomed (rumored) IPO and now Ince’s reputation being flushed further down the toilet, what’s with the landfill-tier firms these days?



Its a good way to weed out people who managed to get a tc but who shouldnt have. There should be more shell companies to take the chaff off the market during the critical hire period.


US Firm NQ

LOL – how the hell is £7k going to last you a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They need to be offering about £20/30k to defer for a whole year!



Yeah, because they’re not allowed to work elsewhere for a year.

You dumbo.



7k would literally last noone more than 5months living expenses in London! This is absolutely rubbish!



My expenses:
Housing: £0 (I’m homeless)
Food: £0 (i dumpster dive)
Booze, drugs, etc: £1,000 / month
Total: £1,000 / month
And I’m a judge


UCL student

Hahaha your a real funny mother f+*c_ker



Hey, LC. I’ve found something you can write about:

“Breaking: Clifford Chance races to match Cravath with US associate pay bump”

Upset UK CC trainees, INCOMING! xoxo


Ince Insider

They’re not offering training contracts next year either. You heard it here first.


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