Love Island lawyers latest: Junior solicitor left in tears after date ‘slags her off’ to ex-legal secretary

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Rosie Williams has a law degree, an LPC and an LLM

Image credit: Instagram – Rosie Williams and Megan Barton-Hanson

A junior solicitor was left in tears in yesterday’s Love Island after the man she’s coupled up with flirted with a new contestant. Like newly qualified solicitor Rosie Williams, newbie Megan Barton-Hanson has experience working in a law firm, having been a legal secretary for three years.

Adam Collard is currently coupled up with Williams, but was seen seemingly trying to make moves on former legal PA Barton-Hanson. Collard told fellow islanders he thought Barton-Hanson was “fit”, and later asked her why she didn’t choose to go on a date with him. He later said of his current relationship with law graduate Williams:

“It’s good, don’t get me wrong, it’s good. But sometimes she can be a bit on top of us.”

This didn’t sit well with legal secretary turned glamour model Barton-Hanson, who described Collard’s behaviour as “sneaky” before confronting Williams about it. The feisty junior solicitor was having none of it, approaching Collard in front of everyone and asking: “Who else have you been slagging me off to?”

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Williams left her job at Just Costs Solicitors in Manchester to enter the famous Love Island villa. Until very recently, what appeared to be an old blog post of Williams’ from her time as a trainee remained on the firm’s website. The topic was the implementation of fixed fees in clinical negligence cases — but it’s now been removed.

We also know that Williams has experience at Clyde & Co, as well as a Legal Practice Course (LPC) and a masters.

…Master of Laws Graduation Day!

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Barton-Hanson’s dabble with the law is less extensive than Williams’. She worked at a law firm for three years but, “struggling for money”, started stripping on the side. “Then I realised I was earning the same money that I did in a month in two days,” Barton-Hanson said.

MEGAN GOES DATING @loveisland @itv2 9pm

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Though having not one but two Love Island contestants with experience inside a law firm is unusual, stars of the ITV2 show have had a vast array of jobs. These include: A&E doctor, pen salesman, bomb disposal expert, dental nurse, circus performer and careers adviser.

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Baron Jeff.

Oh my God who gives a toss?



I’ll have you know there’s some great talent err talented individuals… from a legal perspective. Always on the lookout for ‘well rounded’ employees.


Mange Reaper

Boo bleedin’ hoo!



Really scraping the barrel with this one



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Tell my secretary to hold my calls. I’m off to the gents to look a bit more at this, erm, candidate.


Curious George

Will you be masturbating in there?



Oh yeah I’ve got a great idea for a tv programme – we’ll basically laugh at all the plebs. Tried and tested format for millennia.




Katie has out-katied herself with this tripe. I wish to apologies to my eyes for subjecting them to this. I saw the headline and couldn’t help but click.



No one asked you to come here.



Sorry Katie.



You are….a nobody.



That’s what I said to my trainee last night.






I love that KK has become a meme in and of herself. Gossip Girl, xoxo.



This passes as content nowadays?



You must be new to LC. This is a Pulitzer prize winner compared to some articles KK produces.


Nuff said

Oh, leave the girl alone. They are paid.



“Rosie Williams has a law degree, an LPC and an LLM”

I’m not sure that one can have a Legal Practice Course.


2007's 'Cheezburger' Cat

I can has LPC?



Yes, sweety x



Is it Friday already? This sort of content usually means Friday.


Not. Guiltay.

Dabble with the law is less extensive.
She is a PA.



On a serious note, it shows how systemically underpaid the support staff in law firms are.



Yes, one person becoming a stripper certain proves that for all the thousands of support staff at all law firms in the country.



Explains why I felt like a cheap whore working as a paralegal.



I still do. Expectations far exceed remuneration. It’s all just valuable “experience” I suppose.



Try being my trainee.


Colonel Sanders

Y’all cheap whores need to start Paralegalling in house, that’s where the dolla is!



Still a blow up doll.

Feeling vindicated.



Eyebrows are too dark and thick, they distract from an otherwise pretty face






Yummy yummy. Dog shit in my tummy. And my beard. No no, im not weird 🙂 Its just so cheap and tasty.

Long live communist rule!



This isn’t news.


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This is the best article on LC to date. Keep it up KK.



Two articles on some failed lawyers at crappy high street firms who have resorted to Love Island as a way out of their stagnant careers.

One article on a Slaugther and May trained consultant lawyer who chose to leave the profession in order to play football with Juventus’s Women’s A team.

Seems like LC has kept its priorities straight.



Wound up here solely because of the article cover photo. Nice personality. Stayed for the hilarious comments. Still haven’t read the actual article.

Never change, LC, never change.


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