Jeremy Corbyn suggests decriminalising cannabis possession

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But Labour leader stops short of saying we should legalise it completely

Jeremy Corbyn has hinted that his party could decriminalise the possession of cannabis in what would be a major criminal law shake-up.

The opposition leader told Sky News that “criminalising people for possession of small amounts of cannabis is not particularly a good idea and does lead to great difficulties in communities like mine”. Corbyn also called for cannabis oil to be decriminalised and made available for medical treatment “as soon as possible”.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid recently announced a review of medicinal cannabis use after widespread coverage of cases such as Alfie Dingley, a child whose severe epilepsy can be treated with the banned substance.

But Javid ruled out any move to radically alter the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 by decriminalising or legalising cannabis, which is currently a Class B controlled substance.

And Corbyn also warned about “health concerns”, saying that “no drug is without consequences”. The clean-living left-winger, who famously does not drink, assured viewers that “personally I don’t take any drugs at all”.

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Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) guidelines recommend a “cannabis warning” for a first offence of possessing a small amount, followed by a penalty notice for those caught a second time and full criminal charges for a third offence.

Drug use among 16-24-year-olds has fallen significantly in recent years, from 24% in 2006 to 19% in 2016, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales. But the National Union of Students (NUS) says that almost 40% of students currently take drugs, with almost all of those having tried cannabis at some point.

Marijuana emerged as the most popular mind-altering substance among drug-taking lawyers in an exclusive Legal Cheek survey a few years back.

More recently, we reported that cannabis law firm Hoban Law Group was looking into a London office. The US-based “cannabusiness” outfit was set up in 2009 to provide legal advice to the burgeoning US weed industry. Presumably they’ll be rooting for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

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Cornyn is a back seat driver.

If he attained political office to lead the country he wouldn’t last 2 years.


Who’s cornyn?

s.32 Salmon Act 1986

“If he attained political office to lead the country he wouldn’t last 2 years.”

This illustrates just how little you (and many others) understand the danger that Corbyn poses. Look at his political idols (Lenin, Castro, Guevara, Chavez, etc.). Which of them, once in positions of political power, used force against their own people to stay in power? Answer: All of them.

The idea that Corbyn would somehow see sense and stand down after a couple of years is dangerously naive. He would let the country collapse around his ears and cry victory in the name of socialism.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


This is rubbish, make judge hobosexual a LC writer

Jeremy Corbyn’s Dealer

An excellent opportunity to examine the difference between decriminalisation and legalisation (contractual immoral illegality etc), sadly missed.


Have to agree the War on drugs have failed. I hope we follow Portugal’s stance.

Ivor Bigun

What about gak?

No one cares about some hippies smoking weed, but there’s a crying need to legalise good quality powder.


🎼Oh….J…..Jer-e-m-y Corb…bin🎶


Brothers! Sisters!

We need socialism! Tax higher incomes to fund our crumbling infrastructure!

Nationalise utilities without compensation!

Tax city greed and redistribute moneylaw to pay for legal aid!



Legalise it. Tax it. Use the extra tax income to fund the NHS.

Canada’s doing it. It’s been a success in Colorado.

It cuts out the drug dealers, and all the additional criminality that the illegal drug trade entails (firearms, trafficking, violence, etc).

If it can be grown industrially, we could even export it.

People will smoke it anyway. I genuinely don’t see a downside.


Bizarrely, we are already an enormous exporter of medical marijuana, which rather highlights the ridiculous hypocrisy of the current ban.


Anybody got a spare rizzla please?


Fo’ shizzle, me nizzle, I got a rizzle!


To be fair, you have to extremely high to think Corbyn and Labour are fit to govern. The prospect of Corbyn in charge of the country, Abbott in charge of the borders/security and Khan in charge of London sounds horrendous.


Yes, I am sure you would prefer to be looked after be Reese Mogg and his nany.


Khan already is in charge of London..

MC HRH Charlie =W=

🎼Pass de Dutchy (of Cornwall) on de left hand side🎶


And how shall we treat our neighbour Lord, when you say to love them ?

Let the poor ones smoke cannabis. This will take their stamina, it will create mood swings and give them a false sense of dignity. Make it stronger than ever. Ensure, for example that the poor who live amongst the beautiful mountains of Colorado are too wasted and too hooked on it ever to climb a mountain.

How does this show love for them Lord ?

It will make them feel artificially high.

Is that what the teaching of the Church is about Lord ? Lord ?!…..It’s not Jesus, it’s Jeremy Corbyn, the imposter !


It’s amusing how the swaggering knows-it-alls peacock into comments and hand down pious sermons about how Corbyn is ‘unfit to govern,’ while their beloved Tories transmogrify everything into poo.

Anyway, legalise drugs, produce and tax them properly, let people make their own minds up. Might even help wean some of us off that very dangerous drug, alcohol.


I’ve not said that in my satirical parable above you. I am harking back to what was once the Methodist wing of the Labour party and contrasting how far Labour have fallen away from Christianity.

The Tories have always been Masonic.


Cannabis makes you stupid and lazy. Decline of the West in full swing.


Yet this is an island with a crippling alcoholism problem, and a large percentage of FASD births.

Just like alcohol and tobacco, people are going to use it whether it’s legal or not. We should at least be taxing or creating a new source of legitimate wealth from their demise. Let capitalism work!

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