London mega-court to fight fraud and cybercrime given go-ahead

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New 18-courtroom facility expected to open in 2025

Fleet Street, London

A new courts centre specifically designed to tackle fraud and cybercrime is to be constructed in the heart of legal London.

Developed in partnership with the City of London Corporation and the judiciary, the new “world class” justice centre will house 18 courtrooms as well as a new City of London police station. The mega-court is to be built on the site of Fleetbank House, just off Fleet Street, and will help “reinforce the UK’s position as a global legal hub”, according to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

The facility will replace the ageing civil court, Mayor’s and City of London County Court, and City of London Magistrates’ Court. The timeline for building the new court is subject to finalising funding arrangements and securing planning permission, however, it’s expected to be open by 2025.

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Lord chancellor David Gauke, who officially confirmed the plans during a speech at Mansion House in London yesterday, said:

“The flag of English law is flown in countries across the globe, and London already leads the way as the best place to do business and resolve disputes. This state-of-the-art court is a further message to the world that Britain both prizes business and stands ready to deal with the changing nature of 21st century crime.”

News of the justice centre’s approval comes just months after it emerged that the government splashed £30 million on wealthy PwC consultants to help with its court modernisation programme. This whopping sum is about 9% of the £350 million cut from the legal aid budget.

At the time, Legal Cheek reported that the entire techy courts venture is expected to cost £1.1 billion, which will be spent on, among other things, developing an online system for starting and managing cases, and moving some cases entirely online.

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Meanwhile they are shutting regional courts left, right and centre as no one can see the flag of English law outside of London.



Just as bad in London. There are now 3 youth courts for the whole of London. And as the new Court will take all the work currently allocated to Southwark Crown Court, it will close. So the M o J’s plan is to close a Court wil 20 Court Rooms and waste millions building a new Court with 18 Court rooms to do the same work. And at the end we will have 2 fewer court room. Brilliant. Why not just not close Southwark and save the building costs?



No one can see the flag of English law, or any other English flag, or anything English for that matter, in case some minority pipes up with a grievance





We need socialism to deal with this greed!

Vote Corbyn, for the many not the few!

This court centre should be for social security and immigration claims, not business disputes!

Raise taxes on business to redistribute this greed!




It’s not for business disputes.



Don’t provide this addled socialist with facts. They’ll only bother him or her.



So the government refuse to pull their finger out and do something about the poor legal aid rates but they’re building a whole new court for fraud… helpful. I’m sure the Barrister earning £150 for a case will just be happy they get to go to a plush new court


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