5 Essex Court launches first junior barrister-run Instagram account

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London chambers hopes to demystify the profession

Barristers Instagram 5 Essex Court

A London chambers is hoping to give law students an insight into what life is like at the junior end of the bar through the launch of a new Instagram account.

In what is understood to be a first for the bar, 5 Essex Court has created a new Instagram account where its social media savvy pupils and junior barristers control the content.

The account, @5essexcourt_pupillages, hopes to demystify the profession and provide bar hopefuls with a better understanding of the day-to-day working lives of its members. Barrister Georgina Woolfe is currently in control of the account, but will soon hand the reigns over to an enthusiastic rota of juniors next month.

The 2018 Chambers Most List

Despite being in its infancy, the Insta account has already made a number of posts including this shot of chambers celebrating two pupils securing tenancy.

Summer drinks aside, the top-tier civil law set — which takes on two pupils each year — has documented the very notable cases its current crop of juniors have worked on. In one post (embedded below), 5 Essex Court’s Remi Reichhold can be seen (towards the back to the right) at the International Court of Justice representing the Mauritian government in a case concerning the separation of the Chagos Islands from Mauritius in 1965.

It’s not, however, all jet-setting and fancy filters. The account also features the slightly less glamorous world of early starts and unreliable rail services.

Commenting on the new initiative, Jeremy Johnson QC, head of 5 Essex Court’s pupillage committee, said:

“We hope that our Instagram feed will provide a helpful insight into the day to day life of barristers at 5 Essex Court for anyone contemplating a career at the bar.”

Other similar law-focused social media pages include @LifeInALawFirm, a Twitter account run by trainees at international law firm RPC, and HFW‘s @Life_at_HFW, a recently-launched Instagram account where aspiring lawyers are able to message the City outfit’s rookies directly.

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Presumably this is sponsored content. On what basis is it news that someone has an instagram account with 6 pictures?



You’ve clearly never read Legal Cheek before…



This will work if the pupils are fit.



You mean 22 y.o. nubians Whom the heads of Chambers drool over?

Who says meritocracy is dead?


Anonymous (for now) Poster

I hope they pay close attention to the BSB ethics guidance notes on social media use.

A great example of compliance with these rules may found within the comments section of Legal Cheek itself.

(squeaky bum time once that Norwich Pharmacal order is granted)



The Norwich Pharmacal order would be served on Instagram’s internet service provider rather than Legal Cheek.



Any one know what’s the current NQ pay at Arnold & Porter?



Somewhere between £85-105k probably. They don’t publish it.



Anyone know what Orrick is taming its associates with these days? 85k?



£95k NQ



Brothers! Sisters!

Lawyers are paid too much!

We need to tax moneylaw firms more and redistribute this surplus wage to fund legal aid, the NHS and schools!


For the many, not the few…



Jus cos you couldn’t hack it, buddy



I’m just waiting for the first “look, I’m in court!” selfie from a pupil who will promptly be disciplined for taking photos in court.


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