Barrister draws criticism on Twitter over claims white people can identify as black

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That escalated quickly

Allan Briddock

An immigration barrister at One Pump Court received a dressing down from Twitter users this week after appearing to suggest that white people can identify as black.

The bizarre Twitter spat kicked off when London-based barrister Allan Briddock responded to a tweet linking to an article concerning Rachel Dolezal, a white civil rights activist who posed as an African American woman. The user who tweeted the article asked why it was deemed acceptable for a man to identify as a woman but wrong for a white person to identify as black.

Responding to the tweet, Briddock argued that self-identification was “quite common” and that an individual has the right to identify as black or white.

Sarah Phillimore, a family law specialist at St John’s Chambers, didn’t agree:

When pushed as to whether anyone could identify as anything, the One Pump Court barrister claimed self-identification applied in cases concerning “gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion [and] disability”.

Briddock’s tweets — which were first spotted by RollOnFriday — triggered a flurry of responses ranging from the amused to the outraged:

Responding to Rainbow Ninja’s tweet, Briddock stressed that “disability is not always visible” and it is “not up to someone else to decide if you or me or anyone else is disabled.”

With the dust now settled, Briddock told us: “I involved myself in the thread on the basis of my work concerning transgender equality and the problem at the moment of denying trans people’s identities. There is a huge amount of abuse, particularly online, of the trans community and the tweet I originally replied to seemed to be suggesting being trans is a choice.” He continued:

“My view is that we should respect people’s identities, not, as has been said, that people can simply ‘choose’.”

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Either the whole thing is nonsense or yes he’s right and you can identify as whatever you want.

I self identify as a trillionaire and demand to be treated accordingly.



This is not news.



If a man can self identify as a woman when they are biologically and in fact a man (but feel like a woman), why is this so ridiculous?

Someone explain, please?



You’re an idiot






You are, it’s a fact.


Explain yourself cretin


Is that “Explain yourself cretin” or “explain yourself, cretin”?


U r not funny


Ziggy the Zebra

Do I now have a supporter?






Laetisha (formerly Larry)

Outwardly I appear to be a large, overweight bearded white man in my fifties.

However, I self-identify as a petite six year old black girl.

As such, I have the right to be recognised as such, including the right to go to an all girls primary school for lessons.

The fact that I have previous convictions is irrelevant because they happened when I was known by my old name, and deadnaming is highly offensive to me.

You have no right to object, because this is who I am and who I identify as.




PS, I also self-identify as disabled (even though I have no medically verifiable disability) because I “feel” disabled.

I therefore demand the right to be wheeled around in a wheelchair.

You have no right to object because this is who I am.




Oh God. That moment when you realise this isn’t satire:


Progressive Poraig

OK, I’m a progressive left winger with all the views that the Guardian would consider proper when it comes to civil liberties, racial equality, refugee rights, LGBT+ rights etc and my best friend is gay.

But I can’t bring myself to be OK with this, no matter how hard I try.

Is there somewhere I can get some intensive brain reprogramming so I can be OK with this, because however hard I try I can’t think anything other than this sort of thing is disgustingly messed up.



I can’t believe how offensive some of these posts are.

If a cis-woman doesn’t like seeing a trans-woman who may still look like a man in their toilets, then it’s THEM that have the problem!



“I can’t believe how offensive some of these posts are.”

I am getting used to it. Just trying to stop passing by and find a sensible legal chat without the endless idiotic comments



When I was young, men hanging around in ladies toilets were arrested.


JD Partner

Many have ended up in our partnership.



Would you also support the use of the disabled toilets by somebody who simply feels disabled, but quite clearly isn’t?


An Barrister

No, Danni, (I presume this is Danni the Tranny from previous posts?) women (by which I mean REAL women who were born without penises) are right to not want “persons with penises” in their toilets because it tends to be “persons with penises” who do the raping.

Perhaps we should have toilets for “persons with penises” and “persons without penises” to keep everyone happy?

Oh wait, we did, it was called “Ladies” and “Gents” until some blokes in wigs and dresses demanded the right to go into the ladies.

And as for the Trans Activists who feel they have the right to physically assault women who disagree (in “self defence” to the ABSTRACT “assault” they are suffering at being objected to by said women), this is just a continuation of the factually female person being beaten into submission by the factually male person.

To those who genuinely have gender dysphoria and have had, or intend to have surgery to correct this, I do not include you in any the above and recognise and respect you in your new gender.



Slow news day?



I’m having a white boy day but who knows what tomorrow will bring.



One can identify as whatever one likes, including a “chair, or a fish, or some other object.” However, I object to the idea that I am forced to recognise or respect that identity.



I do not identify: therefore I am nothing.



This ^^^^^^^^^



I was once asked by a ‘service provider’ what I identified as. I said Chinese woman. There wasn’t a Chinese woman box to tick so the person drew a box, wrote Chinese woman by it and ticked it. I am a middle aged white male. The service provider was a serving police officer. I said it was PC Gone Mad and it took him about 5 seconds to get the joke.


Ciaran Goggins

I identify as an Apache attack helicopter.


Doctor Who

I’m on-message.

I have two sets of anatomy!



O_o Can I see?



O tempora! O mores!


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