How do I fund my Oxbridge law dream?

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Any advice is greatly appreciated

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one reader wants to know how he should go about funding his Oxbridge law dream.

“I’ve recently graduated and I want to do a senior status law degree, preferably at Oxbridge. I’d prefer to get a much deeper knowledge of law as opposed to the standard GDL route. The problem is that there’s no funding available for second degrees. I’m more than happy to work for a few years to save up the money. However, this would take a considerable amount of time especially if I apply for Cambridge which charges an additional annual college fee. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that some Oxbridge colleges prefer you not to defer entry as they think it compromises your ability to keep up with an Oxbridge degree. Any advice is greatly appreciated.”

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Be attractive, see various posts on Legal Cheek about people paying their way through their degree though social media sponsorships, post photos on Instagram, get followers, get sponsored, repeat.


JD Partner

We can fund attractive candidates too. Discretion assured.



Contact the colleges and see whether they have scholarships you can apply for.

If not do what most normal people do and take out a loan. It bemuses me how everyone feels entitled to have someone else pay for their degrees these days.



What ?!?! Pay for a professional degree that’ll help me join the ranks of the rich or at least realistically help land a job that pays far above the median ?!?!?! And help me secure an income which will put me in the global 1% ?

What sort of Trumpen Nazi rhetoric is this ? Everyone should receive an Oxbridge style education for free. Regardless of grades which shouldn’t even be a factor for scholarships.

Doesn’t matter that when uni was cheap a small minority attended it. And Firsts meant something. Either that or students back then were idiots.



We used to give people Oxbridge educations for free, but that was limited to those who had gotten in at the first time of asking, not those trying to backdoor their way in via senior status



Now I guess all that matters is feels.

Everyone’s a superstar.



Use the traditional route as follows –

1. Consult your family tree, find some distant relative that is of a minority background;
2. Claim that background as your own;
3. Come up with a sob story about how you’re the first of said background/in your family to go to Oxbridge;
4. Post said story on a crowd funding site;
5. Wait for the money to come rolling in. If anyone disputes your story, go to the news outlets (or Legal Cheek) and cry discrimination.



Why not just identify as a race ? Obviously everyone knows working class people are better off than all minorities.



Ah Trumpenkrieg, how nice of you to join us here today.



Not the gentleman you speak of I’m afraid.



Lol this site is BASED






I had a similar dilemma after graduating from Bristol university with a BSc in Physics and Philosophy and an MSc in International Relations. I really wanted to study law but didn’t have the money for it. So I worked for a few years before enrolling on the part-time GDL whilst saving up like crazy. It took sacrifice and it wasn’t my dream route. I would rather have done an LLB at Oxbridge but it was the only route I could afford at the time without taking out a loan. I managed to deepen my knowledge of the law by doing 2 ‘cheap’ LLMs at Leiden University (the Oxbridge of the Netherlands) whilst on a partial scholarship. Years later I was able to do the BPTC full-time. It wasn’t the fastest route but I have emerged qualified without any debt. In hindsight, taking out a loan might have been the smarter move as it would have led to me qualifying sooner however sometimes you cannot predict what will come along on your life-path. I have had some very interesting jobs whilst studying part-time and have ended up at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Bottom line, do what is right for you now. If it means taking out a loan, just do it as you will be able to pay it off quickly providing you are a hard worker and dedicated to your dreams.



“and have ended up at the International Criminal Court in The Hague”

What did you do? Genocide?





MoneyLaw NQ

“and have ended up at the International Criminal Court in The Hague”




“Oxbridge of the Netherlands” okay big boy

“LLB at Oxbridge” there hasn’t been such a thing for more than 50 years

“very interesting jobs whilst studying part-time” selling weed doesn’t count

“and have ended up at the International Criminal Court” on what charges?



Did oxbridge EVER have an LLB ?

I know Cantabs changed the name to LLM but the basic degrees are still BAs.

Ah… international law. The area of the eunuch.

For those who want to feel all warm, nice and cuddly inside for helping people but don’t think legal aid work with the natives is good enough/pays enough for them.



Figure out where the oxbridge dream comes from before wasting so much money on an llb there. If it is to impress chambers or firms then see below.
Do the gdl. There are scholarships available for this. Otherwise it’s manageable working and doing it part time.
Then do an llm at oxbridge (with a fantastic gdl mark to prove your worth) which you can get a postgraduate loan for.
What if you paid for your llb at oxbridge and got a terrible grade…



Cracking trolling.

Really first class.

Excellent work Legal Cheek.



Don’t worry- all the best comments get deleted without trace nowadays.




Agreed, I’ve noticed that happening for some time now.


Law Student

Hey guys – I’ve got a dream of going to Harvard but it’s a bit expensive and I don’t think that’s fair. I’ve had training contract offers and I know they pay for the GDL but I really really want to go.

Would a crowd funding page help?



Cyberbegging you mean ?

Why not just sing for your supper ?

Anyway here’s a great site –



Don’t bother, no one thinks a senior status degree is equivalent to a first degree



Quite. All those jokers who go to, say, Warwick as undergrads, then do an LLM at Cambridge and claim they went to Cambridge…..



Idiot. A senior status degree is not an LLM.



Wow, just wow.



Wow yourself cock.

Cambridge law grad

No advice on funding but I’d question why you want to get a deeper understanding of the law. Studying law, especially at Oxbridge, is an academic study, rather than vocational: you’ll never use most of what you study. So unless your future path is academia, a deeper understanding of law in itself seems futile.



Hey Tom, it’s a slow news day. I hav3 checked lawgazette and ROF but there is nothing there of interest. Then I checked Above the Law to see if we could shoehorn in some American guff but no luck there. I will check Twitter and Insta shortly to see if we can cobble something from a big mouth show off.

In the meantime, Tom, could you knock up a fake question to get some traffic flowing. I know we normally do this on Friday but times are hard now Katie has left.




Random passer-by

Do the GDL. If you can’t afford it don’t pursue it. Maybe apply for the BCL if you get a top mark and secure funding.



The Inns of Court provide some financial assistance (effectively as part – or, one might say, instead of of their GDL scholarship schemes), so that should take care of one year’s worth of tuiton fees. They don’t openly advertise it, but numerous people have done it before. Just approach them.



Yes this is exactly what I was going to say though research the position in advance as some Inns won’t treat accelerated second degrees as equivalent to the GDL (Gray’s) and others apply other criteria (e.g. I think Middle is means tested which may or may not be a good thing). But it is certainly a viable source if you are interested in the Bar: The Inner Temple paid for c. one year of my fees at Cambridge and also guaranteed the same amount for the BVC (showing my age).






Depends if you want to be a solicitor or a barrister. If a solicitor, there is not much point in gaining ‘a deeper understanding of the law’- just try to get a TC offer so your GDL and LPC are funded. Consider further study later if you really want it.

If a barrister, an LLM or the BCL in particular may be useful – apply for GDL scholarships from the inns/self fund, do the GDL, apply for scholarships from Oxbridge/get a masters loan, do a masters, apply for inns scholarships, do the BPTC etc.



Do an LLM QLD and get a post-graduate loan from the government. Not sure if oxbridge offers LLM QLDs, though. But could be an option elsewhere.



Do the GDL at university of law, and sign up (after checking they still have this option) to top up your GDL to an LLB by doing their additional modules online, free of charge. I got part funded GDL scholarship for good undergrad degree result and they have other scholarships available.

I didn’t do this myself as after GDL started working full time while doing lpc part time but might be the solution for you. Also if you want to qualify and do the LPC you can do the masters option at U law which makes you eligible for government student loan. (I’d recommend doing the masters option fulltime if you can and getting it over with – 2 years is a long time to not have any weekends or social life).

It’s obviously not oxbridge but if this is about employability – work hard and get distinctions and work experience and it really won’t matter.



Take yer kit off on Instagram, call yourself a model and say you were from a destitute family and/or refugee.

Then start up a crowd funding page and wait for gullible idiots to splurge the Wonga.



I am in the same boat, only that I studied Law, but I would love to further my studies on Gender, Peace and Conflict Resolution.

I am the first lady from my hometown and village to have a Law degree, and most women look up to me, in one way or another, both the old and the young.

Most people wonder how I made it, despite the challenges, carrying water on my head every morning and evening, no electricity, among other challenges.

My focus is on gender and the Law, and I would wish I can impact the lives of the women in my town, in Kenya.


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