Law grad-backed Oxford University a cappella group jet to the US to shoot new Justin Timberlake cover track

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The musical troupe includes a future Clifford Chance trainee

Out of the Blue — Deon Fang (front row second from the left) and Jasper Gold (middle row third from the right)

Law grad-backed Oxford University a cappella group Out of the Blue is back. This time jetting Stateside to shoot a cover of Justin Timberlake’s smash hit Can’t stop the feeling!

Raising money for Oxford children’s hospice Helen and Douglas House, the group’s latest musical medley sees the all-male ensemble (including two law grads) perform to audiences as part of a West Coast tour.

Set against the Californian backdrop with panoramic views of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the video — which has already received over 4,000 views — features plenty of sun, sea, sand and of course, singing. Some pretty sweet dance moves make an appearance too, as the group bop along to the upbeat soundtrack, which includes the lyric “so just dance, dance, dance, come on”.

So who are the squad’s two legally-minded songsters?

Deon Fang — who was voted one of Britain’s most influential law students by Legal Cheek readers in 2016 — graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) this year. According to his LinkedIn, Fang has has a BA in law from Oxford and has completed vacation schemes at Linklaters, Baker McKenzie, Slaughter and May, Skadden and Allen & Gledhill. He is currently working as a research assistant at Oxford and appears to have a training contract lined up with magic circle player Clifford Chance.

Jasper Gold is also a “lawyer in training”, according to his Twitter page and has undertaken a number of mini-pupillage and marshalling placements.

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The group first hit headlines back in 2014 after its rendition of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie gained widespread media coverage. The music video (embedded below) — which was spotted and subsequently shared by Shakira herself — garnered more than seven million views.

The talented Oxford troupe have released a series of viral music videos over the years.

Last Christmas, the singing sensations gave British rock band Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody the Oxbridge treatment. In 2016, the students produced a mash-up of pop star Ariana Grande’s Into You and Greedy and a cover of Eartha Kitt’s 1953 track Santa Baby in 2015.

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You’re parodying yourselves at this point, surely?



Back row. Third from the left. He’s pretty hot.


A trust fund with a trust fund

I actually rather like 2nd from left



You know he’s 15, right?


A trust fund with a trust fund

So maximum of 12 months to go?

Criminal Barrister

The Lucy Faithful Foundation is awaiting your call.

A trust fund with a trust fund

He is very likely straight, but if he wants to see me when he’s 16, he’s very welcome.

So, what’s this about children? No children here


OK, stay with me on this one…

What Legal Cheek needs to do to reverse the decline is to wait for a significant anniversary…


You need to invite Katie King back to pen…


In which Lord Harley, Charlotte Proudman and Amal Clooney all team up to challenge the establishment in various hilarious idiosyncratic ways, each more outrageous to the Twittersphere than the last.


As a side-show, and as a treat for the loyal fans, the article could feature a smattering of references to other classic Legal Cheek stories (eg Jolyon Maugham QC jumping into a canal in Berkshire to save Gina Miller who had been pushed in by Nigel Farage, while Michael Mansfield passes by on a barge conducting a round-Britain public flaggelation of Ronald Coyne!


A mid-article ice-cream interval could take place at the he Clifford Chance Swimming Poo(l), featuring a parade of the top 10 sexiest barristers, solicitors, paralegals and Legal Executives (ensuring a full complement of gay, lesbian, transgender and zebra professionals, together with each one’s NQ salary) to provide light relief.


In which the trio embark on a world tour of establishment-challenging, only find themselves on death row in the Caribbean, for their cases to come before the Privy Council, chaired by Lady Brenda “Beyoncé” Hale and Judge Rinder, and to be defended by none other than Jeremy Corbyn himself, who has recently been called to the Bar.

With classic commentary by Lord Lyle, Mr Pineapples, Kuzka’s Mother, Not Amused, Trumpenkrieg and the odd perverted witterings by JD Partner, such an article would surely save Legal Cheek and secure the site’s future, while paying tribute to its glorious past.




Thoughts? You need to find a hobby to fill your evenings mate.



Why would someone with a First in Law from Oxford (and a BCL to boot) go to somewhere like Clifford Chance? Most of the trainees at CCs have 2.1s from Sheffield/Queen Mary etc.



You wish you worked at CC you little cockstain






Pretty cunty thing to come out with… Does it really matter?

Happy fucking Monday to you!



You’re better at swearing than you are at reading.

Potty mouth.



Congrats on qualifying at the shi**iest MC firm. Clifford Chance’s ‘CV blind’ recruitment in action.



Rofl what are you on about you gimp?



Bottom middle – is that ChrisMD?



who dat



You old bro. Get on YouTube.



Imagine going through Slaughters and Skadden only to end up at CC

Poor guy




They deleted my comment, it stated that Oxford gets 500 million a year of taxpayers money whilst cuts are made to the NHS

Clifford Chance has a professorship position there named after the firm. Hard to believe them when they say we operate CV blind. Hardly any black people there to, not surprised with its colonial history



When I say chip

You say shoulder



Chip on shoulder? I never applied to the place for obvious reasons. Had a girl turn down Oxford for Brunel as the kids were arrogant and low on emotional intelligence, a bit like the ex prime minister and ex foreign secretary.



And current PM and Foreign Sec…



For charity. That’s good.

But this story is: ‘law grad goes with some mates to America to sing in a choir’.

That’s it.




WTF happened to that old cnut Not Amused?


Alleged solicitor, Helen Tse

He sucking my dog after I fried and fucked it!


A trust fund with a trust fund

I know, amazing, init!


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